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2011 Run America for Batten Disease

Run Noah, Run.... 

Who is Noah Coughlan? 

Noah is a brother, a son, a good neighbor and a humanitarian! He has a mission to run across the country to raise money for Batten Disease. 

His journey starts on February 28, 2011. 

He has been a close friend to the Allio family of Vacaville, CA for many years (15+). He grew up with the two Allio sisters, Catie & Annie, that are battling with the Batten Disease. 
This disease is so rare that there is less than 1,000 children in the US that are battling with it. 

Life has presented Noah with a window of opportunity to do something big and help not only his friends but also other children and families which are affected by this disease. 

For more information on Noah’s journey and the Batten Disease please visit his website below. 

If you can please write a post about this… let his voice about the battle on Batten Disease be heard!

God bless! 

Follow Noah’s journey!

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