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mac cosmetics lorde collection 2014

MAC Cosmetics Lorde collection 2014

You might have read my previous post on MAC Cosmetics Lorde makeup collection 2014, and the sneak peak of what might come in the collection. But today I will show you what is actually part of the makeup collection. Maybe to your surprise or no surprise the entire MAC Lorde collection 2014. Currently, if there won’t be a series like with Rihanna, there are two products which come part of this MAC Cosmetics Lorde collection 2014.

MAC Cosmetics Lorde collection 2014

So here is what is part of the MAC Cosmetics Lorde collection 2014, will you be buying anything? Make sure to check out my MAC Cosmetics Lorde makeup collection tutorial which I did a few months ago. Lorde’s collection will include a Black eyeliner called “rapidblack” which retails for $19,50. Also of course, a dark purple lipstick titled after her album “pure heroine” which retails for $16. I am certain that this collection will sell out fast since it’s a very basic and signature look which anyone that loves Lorde will get. MAC has proved successful with their celebrity collaborations such as Rihanna and the Osborne Sharon and Kelly, a mother and daughter duo. You can buy Lorde’s entire makeup collection online at or the two limited edition products will be available everywhere from today, June 5th 2014.



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