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Cartoon Eyes Face Painting Halloween Makeup

smashinbeauty cartoon eyes face paint face painting halloween 2013

Cartoon Eyes Face Painting Halloween Makeup

Today’s makeup test was a face paint idea that I came across thinking up a new Halloween makeup tutorial and here is a sneak peak of the idea that I am going to do cartoon eyes. Hopefully you like this idea and more of the whole full body cartoon halloween makeup look will be coming soon. I hope that you like it and I have to admit that it was quite hard to do on myself. it would have been much easier to do this cartoon eyes halloween makeup look on someone else than on myself. I have a few plans in the creating that I will start releasing in the up coming weeks. Since Halloween is very close and I want to start releasing more of the makeup and face paint looks that I truly enjoy!

Cartoon Eyes halloween makeup look

Products used:

  • face paint brushes
  • white face paint
  • black face paint
  • brown face paint



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