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Dracula’s Bride Vampire Halloween Tutorial

Today’s tutorial was inspired by a classic horror movie character the Bride of Dracula. Usually Dracula has many brides but this time around I decided to make a video inspired by one bride and what I imagine the bride would look like.  So I hope you like my Dracula’s Bride Vampire Halloween makeup tutorial. Make sure to check out my other Halloween makeup tutorials that I released. Sadly due to many things I will only be releasing one tutorial this week. I hope that you enjoy the tutorial next week I hope to release three last Halloween tutorials and then slowly move onto normal makeup tutorials and reviews.

Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

One thing to mention, the violet color (unicorn eyeshadow) is not visible as much as it was in my instagram picture so do know that in reality it’s much more noticeable.  So, here is the makeup product list for my Vampire Halloween makeup tutorial: Dracula’s Bride.

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