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Carrie 2013 Movie Trailer Halloween Makeup Tutorial Face Paint

Carrie Movie 2013 halloween makeup tutorial

A sheltered high school girl with newly discovered telekinetic powers and a very religious if not fanatic mother was pushed to far from her peers. You might know what movie this is but just incase you don’t know let me write to you which movie this is. The remake of Stephan King’s Carrie movie 1976. I am doing the Halloween face paint makeup tutorial for Carrie 2013. Instead of using red blood, I decided to us face paint and recreate the dripping blood effect. The only mistake that I did with the look is that I use the wrong or better said a to thick paint brush when it came to highlighting the blood. The reason I highlighted the blood was to get a reflection effect for my bloody carrie 2013 makeup look.

Halloween makeup tutorial Carrie 2013

Carrie 2013 face paint halloween makeup tutorial is quite simple. I did a semi-speed tutorial since there is not point in slowing this tutorial down since it would just be unnessacary to be honest. You can understand a lot from the speed tutorial and there is no need to slow it down. Just incase you do not have face paint to recreate this Carrie 2013 halloween makeup tutorial then I do advise you use red lipstick or lip liner and red, brown and black matte eye shadows. You can recreate the same look using these tools. There is not need to go out and buy any new face painting paint or material if this is not what you want. If you want you makeup to last long and not melt of your face then do go out and buy any face paint or grease paint for Halloween.

Face paint Carrie 2013 Halloween makeup tutorial

For this face paint carrie 2013 halloween makeup tutorial, I will not be listing the face paints that I used or better said I will not be listing the brands which I used because I am currently experimenting with a few different brands and am not sure which I like better. Feel free to get any face paint that is in your price range and use them. I will leave it up to you to use what you have and not what I am using. I am also using a bit of my Sigma Beauty sythentic brushes and a few face painting brushes. Some people love to use sponges and synthetic makeup brushes, but I prefer to use only my sigma beauty sythetic brushes for now. Hopefully you like this tutorial and if you do please don’t forget to share it with your friends and give it a like and comment on youtube.

Carrie 2013 movie trailer Halloween makeup tutorial

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