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Best makeup for dry skin


There are many people that have problems with dry skin. But, with a few makeup tricks, your skin can look fresh and beautiful again. The first thing in your quest towards beautiful skin is showering with warm water. Never shower with extremely hot or cold water because they are unfriendly to dry skin and can make the condition worse. Use a soap made with organic herbs and avoid those harsh chemical soaps that can dehydrate the skin.

Foundation makeup tricks for dry skin

Before applying foundation, make sure to apply moisturizer and use a tissue to absorb the extra moisturizer from your face. After you do that, it will be a lot easier to put on makeup. One of the makeup tricks you need to know is how to choose the right foundation for you. When you buy foundation, never test it on your hand. Hands can be darker than your face, and there is a large difference in the color and texture of the skin on your hands and face. For your dry skin, you need to use liquid foundations that are easy to apply and they also will provide the natural look you tend to get. Cream foundations are also good because of the high moisture level that is beneficial for dry skin. Avoid matte powder foundations and use cream or liquid foundation for a smooth skin and a fine finish.

Blush or rouge makeup tricks for dry skin

If you have dry skin, one of the makeup tricks is using cream or mousse blushes. A good trick for applying blush is to think where your cheeks will be kissed by the sun. The blush needs to be applied to the cheeks’ apples and then you should blend it backwards in the direction of the temples. A natural glow can be added by a gentle sweep of a bronzer or rouge. If you are blonde, you should use rosier pink shades, and if you are brunette, corals will suit you better.

Eye makeup tricks for dry skin

The most sensitive part of your skin is the skin around your eyes and it bears the lines and wrinkles due to dry skin and dehydration. You have to apply the right makeup to your eyes because they are the window to your soul. Make your eyes look magical and leave a good impression wherever you go. With a few makeup tricks your eyes will look fabulous. Before applying eye shadow, make sure to dab your eyelids with a little lip balm. For dry skin, it is better to use liquid eyeliner. You have to draw a fine line with a tip that is a little bit bent. Don’t forget to be creative after all. Use mascara gently and do not overuse it. You also have to find the right eye shadow color that will be in accordance with your hair color and eye color. You can always use all the colors of the rainbow, but be careful with the choices.

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