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Bride Of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013

Bride Of Frankanstein Makeup

Bride Of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup Tutorial, was inspired by the second movie maybe about this classical horror movie character. I saw the first movie, which was made in 1910, and it was about 20 minutes long. This movie was important for the tutorial. My Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup tutorial wasn’t inspired by that movie, from 1910 but rather by the same movie that had a remade in 1931, don’t confuse the 1931 version with the later version from 1935. The movie has excellent ideas as to how to create this fun makeup tutorial and it has excellent ideas on how I would imagine a modern version for my, Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup tutorial.

Bride Of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup tutorial, was just one of my Halloween looks which I am doing for my Halloween makeup series for this year. I wanted to recreate a few Halloween makeup tutorials/looks about classical Halloween characters, which most people know. The Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup tutorial was a last minute decision. I was struggling with the “movie” intro and exit part since it’s very hard to give a character “life” when there isn’t that much about them out there.  This character is a wonderful horror movie hereon, but her character lacks depth so I was tormented as to how to revitalize my Bride of Frankenstein for my Halloween makeup tutorial.

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Bride of Frankenstein

This Halloween makeup tutorial, the Bride of Frankenstein, was very simple to do. I didn’t want to use FX makeup since I wanted everyone, not only to enjoy the video but to also see that you can use a simple Halloween makeup which you can buy in drug store or costume shops and recreate this look in a few simple steps.  If you lack one of these products then you can substitute them for whatever you think would work best. Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup tutorial, is very easy. I even got comments that without the spark plugs on the neck this could be a Chucky the doll makeup look. I will be recreating one of the dolls that have appeared in one of the many “Chucky” movies. That was a doll I hated as a child. I think it’s because of Chucky that I never liked dolls in the first place, except Barbie of course. So below you will see a list of products for my Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup tutorial.

Modern Bride Of Frankenstein Halloween Makeup Tutorial

To complete this Halloween makeup tutorial of Bride of Frankenstein, I would like to say thank you very much for you attention, views and comments. I would like to know what character would you like to see next?  I am always open to ideas for makeup, not only relates to Halloween makeup. Make sure to check out my other Halloween looks: 1920s flapper makeup & Jigsaw Billy Makeup and don’t forget to like my Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup tutorial on youtube if you are a subscriber. If you aren’t a subscriber, please (click here) subscribe! I hope that you enjoyed and were entertained by the video. I try my best each week to come up with something that you will enjoy! Leave a comment with your favorite parts in the movie. Did you like rubber duck in my Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup tutorial?

Makeup Products:

  • Mehron Cream Foundation (review)
  • Graftobian Yellow & Orange Concealer
  • Kryolan Brow wax
  • Kryolan Spatula
  • Mehron setting spray
  • Snazaroo special f/x wax
  • Snazaroo Gel Blood
  • Bourjois Black Kohl Eye Pencil
  • Ben Nye Liquid Latex
  • Any black thread
  • Lash glue or spirit gum
  • Blush professional 120 matte palette (review)
  • Eylure Katy Perry Lashes
  • Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette  (10% discount code)
  • Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Brushes
  • Sigma Brushes Classical set makeup brushes
  • NYX lipliner (swatches)
  • Graftobian Lipstick (review)

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