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Beauty & Makeup Tips for A Quick Fix

Here are a few makeup and beauty tips for a quick everyday makeup fix. I will be listing the most useful tips which you can use everday and only a few seconds or minutes are required.

1. Whiter Teeth

If you want your teeth to seem whiter, then just wear any red lipstick with a blue base. You will notice the blue in the lipstick when you swatch the lipstick. What ever you do, do not wear orange lipsticks. Orange lipsticks make your teeth seem more yellow.

2. Fuller Lashes

If you want your lashes to seem fuller, then make sure to tightline your upper waterline. This will give an instant illusion of a fuller base what results in fuller looking lashes

3. Mascara clean up

You are in a hurry and by mistake get a bit of mascara on your skin? No worries, just wait for it to dry and clean it up with a Q-tip. If you try to remove it while wet, it will only smudge.

4. Be matte my oily skin

If you want oily skin to be gone for a special event, use milk of magnesia instead of a primer. I do not recommend this for everyday use, but I do recommend it for those special events where you need your makeup to last.

5. Removing makeup

Ran out of your favorite micellar water? No worries! Get your virgin olive oil and just remove your makeup. Make sure that it’s organic and 100% olive oil. I do recommend washing your face with a facial wash after.

6. Pimple be gone

Got a pimple last minte? No worries, get your bottle of visine and pop on a drop of it on yoru pimple. This is an old makeup artist trick for a quick fix for those red pimples to keep them undercontrol for a few hours.



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