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5 Awesome Halloween Tricks & Pranks With Dry Ice

5 Awesome Halloween Tricks & Pranks With Dry Ice

I just found this cool Halloween decorations and Halloween party tips of 5 Awesome Tricks & Pranks With Dry Ice. Youtuber Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”┬ádecided to show us cool party tricks which can come in handy not only for Halloween but also for any party. These cool party tricks will surely impress your guest no matter what the event. Your guest will think you know magic when in reality you are just using a few tricks with dry ice.

WARNING: Use of video content is at own risk. Dry ice is -78C and is extremely cold and poses risk for instant frost-bite on bare skin. To avoid frost-bite on bare skin, handling of dry-ice should be approached with caution and attempted with gloves or other protection. There are risks associated with these projects that require adult supervision.

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