I wanted to share with you a question which people ask me. Everyone always asks me where I get my asian makeup. As many of you know I love my Asian makeup and either get it if someone is traveling to Asia or I order it online. I usually order my Asian makeup online via Ebay. So here is some advice and sellers from which I have bought and still buy, in no particular order.


  1. A place that has many counterfeit products known to man. It’s very important that you know where to shop to get the real deal.
  2. Shipping rate can be sky high and just not worth buy the product since shipping is hight than the product price.
  3. Top Sellers – I always looks at the Ebay top sellers, but again I do not trust this “title” since I always check how many items they have sold in their Ebay history and how many negative and neutral feedbacks they got and why.


Keep in mind that I do not in any way guarantee for these sellers but I would rather say that I have had good experience with them and that is the only reason I recommend them.


  • Zinopark

Positive Feedback:  99.9%

Feedback score:  11805

Korean and some  Japanese Makeup. The prices are good and the shipping is even better. They even have combined shipping. They have a wide range of BB creams so if you like them check them out. Brands which can be in his shop would be: SkinFood,  Etude House, Tony Moly, Holika Polika and The Face Shop.  This is a really good korean makeup shop on ebay.

  • RubyRuby76

Positive Feedback:  99.8%

Feedback score:  61084

Not only have I bought from this shop but I have had many of my readers recommend this shop. The prices are good and the shipping is low. I usually order from this seller since they have a very wide range of products and most things are on sale.

  • 031tansango

    Positive Feedback:  100%
    Feedback score:  4453

Unlike the other sellers above, this seller has a bit higher shipping rate but also offers a wide range of brands which the other two do not have. They sell brands like: Banila Co., Etude House, Clio, Tony Moly, Innisfree, skinfood, they history of whoo, the face shop, VOV, Too Cool for shcool, Holika Holika, ….etc Many brand which I have yet to discover 😀

  • Iamlove-shop

    Positive Feedback:  99.8%
    Feedback score:  22234

recently I have been buying from this seller. There shipping is super fast and they have some brands that my other sellers do not have such as: Mizon, Purebess, Tony Moly, Lioele, The Face Shop, SecretKey…. etc. Some brands that I do not know of but am will to try. They do however sell other products and not only cosmetics, such as: clothes, shoes, stationery, accessory.

This is the list for now.. I will be updating it in the future.


Your Thoughts 

Where do you buy your asian makeup or beauty products? (if you buy them) Why do you shop there? What is the last thing you bought!  How often do you shop there?