The long awaited makeup review, Etude Peach Beam Blusher. I bought this blusher last summer because I wanted a peachy pink blusher for personal use at that time it was basically impossible to find something I liked. I finally got my Etude House Peach Beam Blusher, a makeup review was going to follow but things happen and time flies. I got this product online from a trusted ebay seller, but today I can’t remember who it was. What matters on ebay is that the seller has at least 98% positive feed back plus many sold items to buy items for my makeup reviews.

Etude House Makeup Review

Etude Peach Beam makeup review pro, is that the size of the product is very practical and you can transfer it even in a smaller purse. I love how the container had a clear top so I can see how much of the product I have used up. The pigmentation and the longevity of this Etude Peach Beam makeup review is the most important. The peach beam blusher is well pigmented. It has a combination of pink and peach but the peach shade over takes the pink shade. It’s very noticeable on the checks. The longevity of the blusher is decent. I think that it lasted for about 4 – 6 hours. The thing I didn’t expect was that the it’s rather something like an illuminator. This makeup review continues…

Etude makeup review pros and cons

Etude Peach Beam makeup review as written above looks more like an illuminator than a blush. The blush has a tiny amount of shimmers but most of the product is very well grinded so that when you apply it on your cheeks it’s not just shimmer. I don’t use this as a blush since it’s more like a illuminator. I personally love applying this on the top of my cheeks to get a healthy dewy look. This is my summer must have product. This Etude House makeup review blusher has a very good and soft texture. The only con would be that it doesn’t last all day and that someone with pores might not like the light reflecting particles in the peach beam blusher. Then again, the name should have given it away, “peach beam” I did see swatches online but when I saw the reviews no one stressed that it was that illuminating. This is why my Etude House Peach Beam makeup review is a bit different.

Etude peach beam blusher makeup review

My Etude Peach Beam Blusher makeup review is almost complete. The last thing I want to mention is that the only realistic con things would be that for now most people could only get it on ebay what can be a problem since there are many fakes being sold on ebay. Another thing would be that people with large pores should avoid this product like the plague; it will enhance your pores and make them seem bigger. This Etude Makeup review is complete. If I missed something please make sure to leave a question below in the comment section. What I want to know is if you have this Etude House Peach Beam blush or any other Etude House Blush? Do you think you might buy this Etude House Peach Beam Blush? What is the most important thing for you when buying a blush? I hope that you enjoyed the Etude House Peach Beam Blush makeup review.

etude blusher peach beam swatches