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Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation fluid Makeup review

Makeup review- Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1

Today’s makeup review is Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation is a full coverage foundation that moistures and gives a smoothing effect that suits all skin types. It offers a primer, foundation and correct all in one. The foundation is enriched with a super stay foundation formula, a 3D Hi-Tech formula that coverage all imperfections and looks great on the skin all day long. So this is way no correction on the skin are required after you used this foundation. So after this information from the website I wanted to confirm with this makeup review if this foundation truly is as good as they claim. I have also read one beauty guru compliment this Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation so that is why I bought it.

Makeup review: Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 fluid

The Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation (fluid) makeup review will stick to the main points such as price vs quality vs longevity vs quantity. The main thing you should always have in your makeup kit is a HQ foundation. I used this foundation when I did my Croatian version of the $20 makeup challenge and I was able to test it when my skin has its acne moment. First of all the texture of the foundation I personally did not like. I found that it contained to much of silica or a similar product that make the foundation to slippery which also resulted in poor coverage abilities for people with minor acnes and scarring.

Makeup review- Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation swatches sand

Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation Pros & Cons

The next thing to mention in the makeup review of Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation, is that the finish is a bit to dewy for my taste. The foundation is not as long lasting for oily skin as it would be on more dry skin. I didn’t like that I could actually feel the foundation on my face what is not the case with other drugstore foundations. For the price you do get a good amount of foundation. To complete this makeup review of Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation and to show you its coverage ability make sure to check the picture below! I personally did not like this foundation for many reasons; one the coverage was not full coverage; the foundation didn’t cover my flaws at all; it does not cover bag under the eyes well; you can feel the foundation on your skin and the foundation has a weird texture. The longevity of the foundation is decent and maybe on drier skin it would last longer.

Eveline 3 in 1 foundation vs YSL vs Bourjois vs Revlon colorstay vs Laura Mercie

Makeup review conclusion: Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1

To conclude this makeup review of Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation, I can say that I will not be repurchasing this foundation. I will actually be selling it or giving it away since I personally do not like it or better said it just does not live up to the standards of what I expect from a foundation. For my skin type, this foundation does not offer what it claims and doesn’t covers flaws as well as I expected. This foundation is one of those rare foundation where I truly got disappointed. My skin type is combination – oily and acne prone. I have a lot of acne scars and redness on my face. I try to avoid products that contain mineral oils and paraben when possible. The shade that I bought in Eveline Cosmetics finish show 3 in 1 foundation: sand

If you found that this foundation has worked wonders with your skin type please leave a comment below telling me your skin type and how well you liked this product. I would love to know and I do believe more people would like to read also other feedback.


  • price
  • dewy finish
  • longevity is decent
  • more for dry skin
  • cruelty free
  • dermatologically tested
  • good coverage for people with minimal flaws


  • not good coverage for people with acne, acne scars, noticeable redness and other more noticeable flaws 
  • odd texture
  • foundation seems matte but that is not the finish
  • you can feel it on your skin
  • only 5 shades are offered 
  • not recommend it for oily skin
  • contains mineral oil
  • contains parabens


Ingredients: water, propylene, glycol, titanium dioxide, mineral oil, stearic acid, cetearyl, alcohol, ceteareth-20, isopropyl myristate, cyclomethicone, pvp, glycerin, talc, dimethicone, peg-20 methyl glucose sequistearate, magnesium almunium silicate, glyceryl stearate, polycrylamide / polydecene / laureth-7, phenoxyethanol / methylparaben / butylparaben / ethylparaben / isobutylparaben / propylparaben / methylparaben, dmdm, hydantoin, triethanolamine, fragrance, water / glycerin / propylene glycol / lecithin / carnitine / ubiquinone, disodium EDTA, CI 77491, CI77492, CI77499


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