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Why being cheap on your wedding makeup isn’t a good idea

Title: Melting Makeup, 2008
Photographer: Torkil Gudnason
Gallery: Meter

I have been reading a forum in Croatian and I ran into this post

……….giving 300kn is a lot of money for makeup for rehearsal and on the day of my wedding. I decided to buy my own makeup (high end brands, setting spray, mascara, liquid foundation and powder foundation, eye and face primer). I will test the makeup and try to do a look 7-8 times before the wedding. I will ask someone to take my pictures so that I can see how it turns out. I’m not a makeup guru but I think I know something about makeup…

My honest reply to this post is………. (sorry if its to harsh)
If you had any clue about what makeup is and how to apply/use it you wouldn’t have wrote this. Can you buy makeup at your local drug store, sure yeah of course you can. Will you look oily and discolored  of course you will. Will your makeup literally MELT off your face after 1-2 hours… of course….
I really wish that ladies wouldn’t be spare money on special moments in life such as: prom, wedding, graduation day ….etc.

If you want a professional makeup look you will have to use professional makeup, that doesn’t run cheap.
By the time you buy all of the products and learn how to professionally apply makeup, your wedding will be well gone.
If you plan to DIY and save money be prepared to have BAD pictures and melting makeup.
I strongly advise you find a freelancer – expert MUA. It’s our jobs to make you pretty.
Some MUAs use “cheaper” brands, while others use more high end brands.

A word of mouth, with seeing an (online/offline) picture profolio can/might help you choose your MUA.

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