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The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Aren’t they the cutest couple you have ever seen?! :))

The royal wedding is one of the things I cannot wait to see! I am so and beyond excited about this event. I wish I could go and dress up and feel like a princess for a day.
Harry Call me! 😉 wink wink heheheheheh
I got the “
invitation” ;))) heheheh)
I really like Kate & William and I find it enchanting and very fairy tale like to have a royal wedding since they are soo rare these days.
I like the fact that William gave Kate his mother’s wedding ring. I have a replica of the wedding ring. A beautiful ring it is.
Princess Diana an amazing woman
Since everyone and their mother are buying souvenirs I too am very into getting a mug, which brings up a funny story. When the first or one of the first official mugs were being printed there was a “typo” instead of putting prince William’s picture on the mug with Kate they put Harry’s picture on the mug. This resulted in a recall and the rare few that got the chance to buy the mug are now are resellling it on ebay.One of the mugs is currently being sold for GBP 205, the bidding is still going on. (Click here to view)
I want this mug “Harry if you ain’t inviting me to the wedding, send me a mug ;)))”
Not sure what the royal wedding is? Why the big fuss? Get the book: “the royal wedding for dummies 🙂 (click here to buy/view)
I must admit I am quite intrigued about what the book is about 🙂 I might buy it.
Are you going to buy any souvenirs? Are you maybe going to the wedding (if you are I except a blog post about it with pictures)? Are you watching the wedding on TV? if so, where? at home, at work, at the local pub? on yotube?
Even though his parent’s marriage didn’t work out, I wish them two the best and truly hope for the bottom of my heart that they will live happily ever after 🙂

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