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That’s it – It’s time to lose weight …

picture taken by Pink Sherbet Photography (click to name to view flickr account) 

So, I decided that it’s time, and that I’m ready, to lose my last 3 kilos.
When I met my boyfriend I had 62 kilos. After about 1 year into our relationship I got up to 68 kilos.
 I said that’s it and went back down to 65kilos.
Now I want to restore my normal super feeling weight what is 62/63kilos.
Mainly I want to lose those 2-3 kilos
but I do no want to starve myself. I decided to start jogging. Spring is here! 2 minutes away from my apartment there is a jogging path. I decided to start jogging Mon/Wed/Fri Mornings at 7am.
I am tired of this weight I don’t feel sexy nor attractive and it’s started to cause problems for my personal self image.

Good advertising in tesco
I love this picture, it’s from flickr. I found it funny because If I saw this on my donut bag. I think I would stop eating. I decided to start an eating diary. 
I started it today and figured out that by 1pm I ate 4 times. 
BUT in my defense I woke up at 4:30 to drive someone to the airport 🙂 
I will update my eating diary daily 🙂 
Feel free to read my frustrations and misery

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