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Too faced Lip Injection – lip plumper – Review

Even though I have big lips as it is. I wanted to test the lip injection. 
It is on sale at the Sephora store. 
I decided to give it a try. I took two small swipes of the the “gloss”
and I though oh my nothing is happening. then 5 minutes later I felt this tingling feeling on my lips as if someone was poking me with small needs. My lips flushed and plumped and I had this feeling for about 15 minutes and after that my lips started to go back to their normal state. 
Did my lips plump up? Yes, 
Did I like the tingling feeling? No
is this product for me ? No

Was the fullness lasting? hmmmm not really after the tingling feeling stop so did my “lip fullness”
Product texture: thick but not sticky
Comfort level: tingling and might even sting 
after effect: dried my lips
Would I buy it again? No, I just didn’t like the sensational feeling on my lips
Compare with: N/A – no one I never used a plumper before

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