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Sun Dance Transparent self tanning spray makeup review

Sun Dance Transparent self tanning spray makeup review, is here and you might have seen a sneak peak of this product on my instagram. I bought this product for a few reasons, one it’s impossible to buy any self tanner in any of my drugstores, why? Only God knows. This and one from Balea are the only self-tanners available, but I guess and to my knowledge, the best self-tanners are not available in stores but rather online. I thought that this self-tanner was a mousse product but it turns out that it was a spray what I didn’t like. This is what happens when you do not read German nor is the translation clear enough, but whatever let’s move on.

Sun Dance Transparent self tanning spray

The self-tanner offers 150 ml of product in a standard spray bottle. It also has instruction on how to apply it in the best way so that you get the best results. To avoid boring facts, let me get down to the interesting things about this self tanner. While browsing online, I thought this Sun Dance Transparent self-tanning spray was a mousse, boy was I wrong. I was testing this product on my hand for a few days to see the pressure and color, which was offered. So, day 4 I got in the shower and did a good scrubbing and started to spray my hands first and to my surprise the sprayer blocked! I tried to shake it, let it rest and then reuse it. Even a few days later after the spray sat on my shelf the sprayer still clogged. What did I do? What else could I do but toss it in the bin.

Sun Dance Transparent self tanning spray review

 I had tanned hands and a full bottle of self-tanner, which I wasn’t able to use. I was frustrated. Will I be repurchasing this product, no! I do not feel like risking it again and getting a full bottle of self-tanner, which I cannot use. Besides this major glitch, this is what the rest of the experience was like, just incase you are wondering. The color of the tan you get has a mix of yellow with a tad of orange, but the yellow prevails. The Sun Dance Transparent self-tanning spray did look natural and with only one layer and more yellow, what I really did like. Applying it heavily, I got a much richer tan and it looked still natural on my skin tone, (neutral skin tone). The self-tanner claims to fade after 3 – 4 days, what is true and it fades without streaking or patches. The smell of the self-tanner is standard self tanner and nothing to aggressive.

Sun Dance Transparent self tanning spray conclusion

The only true problems which you will encounter 100% are the following problems which I encountered. The spray bottle gets clogged and doesn’t work, it happened and I do not know why. The tan comes on unequal, because if you are spraying yourself then there is a big chance that you will spray on some places more than others what will result in some darker spots. The best thing about this Sun Dance Transparent self-tanning spray is that it’s a spray. What means that it dries in seconds and you can go about your business without waiting 45 minutes to put on some normal clothes.

Have you tried this product? What is your favorite self-tanner?


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