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Summer Copper Brown smokey eye

Summer eye

summer eye

How to achieve this look… it will take you about max 10 minutes
1. apply a primer for the eyes. I used the Urban decay Primer Potion
2. Apply a brown paint pot for the eyes, all over the lid. I used one from essence brown smokey eye.
3. Blend the edges of the brown paint pot up slowly and just a little bit towards the crease
4. blend the edges well
5. Take a copper color and apply it on the lids
6. blend the edges
7. take a medium brown and apply it on the crease and blend it towards up, blend well
8. take a golden color and apply it above the crease and blend it down towards the crease.
9. blend the golden color with the crease color
10. with a pencil brush apply a mix of dark brown and black on the outer V and blend well
11. On the highlight or brown bone add a cream color. Do not add white, it will seem to dramatic
12. apply a small amount of the highlight color on your tear duck/ inner V and blend up

That’s it 🙂


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