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Sigma Brushes F88 and P88 Sigmax makeup brushes


The new Sigma Beauty Brushes P88 and F88 sigmax are here are ready to buy at As you can see in the picture above both makeup brushes are dense and have flat angled heads. I personally love makeup brushes that have flat heads, for me professionally it works much better with products. The new Sigma Beauty P88 and F88 sigmax can be both individually of they can be both in a set. Sigma Beauty’s team and leading makeup artist made a video together to help everyone see how you can use these makeup brushes, the video is visible below. The small Sigma Beauty P88 brush us used for precision while the Sigma Beauty F88 is used for cream product application and hard to reach areas.

Sigma Beauty P88 and F88 sigmax

The new Sigma Beauty P88 and F88 sigmax have an engraved logo on the ferrule and the logo on the handles is holographic. Besides that the new brushes are available with the other sigmax collections or they can be both separately if you have the other brushes from the sigmax collection. I will be reviewing these brushes this weekend to right a review on them over the weekend. I can’t wait to test them out! Based on the website the new brushes have been engineered with an edge, due to there new shape they bring new levels of precision, acute accuracy and more makeup perfect. The New Sigma Beauty Brushes P88 and F88 sigmax brushes sound promising.

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Available from: July 11th 2012


  • Sigma Brushes F88 – CLICK HERE ($16) Individual 
  • Sigma Brushes P88 – CLICK HERE ($14) Individual 
  • Sigma Brushes (with F88) Synthetic Kabuki Kit – CLICK HERE 
  • Sigma Brushes (with P88) Synthetic Precision Kit – CLICK HERE 
  • Sigma Brushes (with F88 & P88) Synthetic Kit – CLICK HERE


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 More pictures of Sigma Beauty F88 and P88 Sigmax

Sigma Beauty Brushes F88 and P88 Sigmax REVIEW COMING SOON! 


Sigma Beauty  P88 

Sigma Beauty F88

Engraved logo on the ferrule of Sigma Beauty P88 and F88

Holographic logo on the handles of Sigma Beauty Brushes P88 and F88

New arrivals Sigma Beauty Brushes F88 and P88 Sigmax


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