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Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Secret Beauty Tips

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Miranda Kerr for BellaSugarTV revealed a few of her biggest secret super model beauty tips that kept her looking like a stunning for years. Miranda Kerr, well know international super model for Victoria’s Secret, decided share with us her few well hidden and little very secret super model beauty tips. Last year, She gave birth to a beautiful baby son named Flynn. With a new son in her life she became as every other woman in the world with a career, a busy and hard working mom. Now she knows the true value of a good beauty tip. She never really revealed as to where she picked up her secret super model beauty tips but here is what she said.

Beauty Tips From The Kitchen

Beauty tips from the kitchen? I know a few of you just read that out loud, and trust me so would have I. Victoria’s Secret supermodel said one of her beauty tricks hides in her kitchen. The news reporter stared with disbelief at Victoria’S Secret supermodel when she told her that her beauty tips are from the kitchen. Miranda Kerr’s first beauty trick involves a spoon, mascara and eyelashes. The Victoria’s Secret supermodel Mirand Kerr told BellaSugarTV that the way she curlers her eyelashes is not with an eyelash curler but rather a spoon. After applying a light coat of mascara she pinches her eyelashes between her thumb and the spoon. Well we thought a spoon was for eating not beauty tips, we stand corrected.

Beauty Tips for Supermodel Skin

Do you want skin like Mirand Kerr? She also revealed a few secret beauty tips for her beautiful skin. Victoria’s Secret supermodel, married to Hollywood movie star Orlando Bloom, admitted that being a mother is not easy. Being a full time supermodel and a mother is hard, she has little to none time to spend on her skin, so she needed something that would rejuvenate her skin and that it would give results. Miranda Kerr said that her next secret beauty tips is natural rosehip oil. She stressed that every woman should have the rosehip oil in her nightstand drawer. Victoria’s Secret supermodel told BellaSugarTV that she likes to wear the rosehip oil at night since it’s full with antioxidants and it really rejuvenates her skin. She claims to wake up with beautiful glowing skin. She told the news reporter gets her rosehip oil from KORA This is Miranda Kerr’s secret beauty tips to perfect skin

Other Secret Victoria’s Secret Beauty Tips

To keep her body feeling silky smooth Miranda tells us her next secret beauty tips. To keep her skin silky smooth Victoria’s Secret lingerie supermodel likes using a body brush to regularly get rid of dead skin.  After she take a nice hot shower she liked to brush down her body with a dry brush that you can find in any health food store. Using this beauty brush Victoria’s Secret model Miranda claims that she keeps her skin silky smooth. Other secret beauty tips are coconut oil and Tahitian Noni Juice.  Miranda has been drinking Tahitian Noni Juice she she has been 14, this juice not only increases her energy level but is great for the immune system and filled with antioxidants. Kerr also praised benefits from coconut oil. She takes 4 tablespoons of coconut oil per day, which have helped her loss weight and keep her skin and hair looking perfect. What secret beauty tips do you have to share?


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