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#MakeupMonday Iron Man 3 Makeup Look

#MakeupMonday Iron Man 3 Makeup Look

For today’s #MakeupMonday I created a more dramatic look using: Red, Purple, Blue & Glitter, inspired by Iron Man 3 the iron patriot armor. I hope you like this makeup look. If any of you are wondering, I was inspired by the upcoming movie Iron Man 3. In one of the Iron man 3 movie trailers you can see a Iron Man Patriot Armor suit and I was inspired by that to recreate this look. If you don’t know by now, Don Cheadle will be wearing the Iron Patriot suit in Iron Man 3. First everyone thought that Iron Man was wearing that suit but it turned out that Don Cheadle was.

MakeupMonday smashinbeauty red blue glitter purple iron man 3 iron patriot armor makeup look

#MakeupMonday Iron Patriot Armor  Makeup Look

The makeup that I used to create my #MakeupMonday Iron Man 3 Makeup Look inspired by the Iron Patriot Armor were the following products:


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