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Olival micellar water with immortelle oil review

I bought one from Olival micellar water with immortelle oil so I will review this right now. Usually, I use another micellar water, which I find to be the best one on the market, but I wanted to try something new. The purpose of micellar waters is to not only clean your skin but to also remove any makeup or residue on the skin. So today, I wanted to test a new product and give you my experience on it. I have used many micellar waters, and I have my expectations as to what I need it to do for me personally and my needs.

Olival micellar water

Olival micellar water claims to gently cleanse the skin, remove any impurities and makeup residue. It is safe to be used on the face, skin and eye area. The skin feels soft and you do not have to rinse it off. So I wanted to test it to see how well it works in general and in the end compare it to my other favorite micellar water. Let me explain how I test this product so that you know what I did and why first after which I will give my overall thoughts on the review of Olival micellar water.

Olival micellar water

First I tried to see how Olival micellar water would remove my waterproof makeup. It wasn’t successful. I felt that it wasn’t strong enough to remove waterproof makeup, nor did it claim to do so, unlike other brands. Then I tried to see how well it would remove my everyday makeup, it was much better but when it came to my eye makeup, especially my mascara it wasn’t as good as Nivea eye makeup remover. I found that it did remove light foundation coverage but when it came to removing medium to heavy foundation. I found that out when I use it and then washed my face and still had some residue. Since the micellar water contains immortelle oil, it has that scent when applying it and it lingers. Immortelle oil is a very hydrating oil for the skin that most people with mature skin use. I, however, do not like the smell of immortelle in the micellar water that was lingering a long time after use.

Olival micellar water with immortelle oil

For my oily skin, the Olival micellar water with immortelle oil was a bit too oily, which means it didn’t really work well with my skin. I had to wash my skin after use since I felt it left a residue, which felt unpleasant on my skin. However, if you have dry to very dry skin the immortelle oil will hydrate your skin leaving it hydrated and flexible. If you have very dry, mature or sensitive skin then this micellar water is worth the try. It doesn’t cost a lot and if you do wear light and natural makeup then this might work for you. I do not think that this is a good micellar water for oily skin.

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