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Lime Crime Makeup Lipstick Centrifuchsia Makeup Review

Lime Crime Makeup Centrifuchsia Lipstick Swatche Review Coupon Code 2013

Next on the list and the final Lime Crime Makeup Lipstick in centrifuchsia. I have to be honest I was very excited about these lipsticks when I first saw them online and though that they were magically but I was honestly never willing to pay this much for a lipstick since as a professional makeup artist I get high end makeup at super discounts and why would I waste my money on a random brand that doesn’t even have a store but is only online. I did however get this lipstick as a PR sample (We are not affiliated with this company anymoreWe did get this PR product while we were affiliated) and was very happy to review it! So today’s review is the last Lime Crime Makeup product I will ever makeup review from Lime Crime Makeup.

Lime Crime Makeup Lipstick Centrifuchsia Review Swatches Coupon Code smashinbeauty

Lime Crime Makeup Lipstick Makeup Review

The Lime Crime Makeup lipstick comes in a (I’ll admit) a very cute packaging that is very eye catching and honestly cute for women or girls that love to stand out from the rest of the crowd, but in the makeup world I am kind of embarrassed to have a makeup product that screams this much with the packaging and I usually cut and repackage the lipstick  into my lip palettes. The packaging is just a bit out of date for me and to loud, but I do love the color purple and this is why it caught my eye in the first place, I will be honest. The product was made in the USA and is vegan friendly, to my knowledge this is a PETA approved brand, meaning the products are not tested on animals.

in real life it goes more pink than red

Lime Crime Makeup Lipstick Review Pros & Cons

Now let’s focus on the makeup review of the Lime Crime Makeup lipstick in centrifuchsia. When you open the lipstick you get this very strong floral smell. It is pleasant but if you do not like lipsticks that come with a smell then you should skip this one since I have used this lipstick for a while and the smell just doesn’t fade. I do believe that they have implemented a scent into the lipstick what means that it might contain perfume within the lipstick. The color centrifuchsia is a very bright hot pink shade I’ll be honest that it’s a very nice shade for spring and it is one of my favorite lipstick shades. I can compare it to my Barry M lipsticks (review) and I will have an example below comparing the lipstick (coming soon, I want more swatches) and I did find a 100% DUPE of this lipstick that is to my knowledge much cheaper than Lime Crime. The lipstick is smooth and glides on the lips when applying it. If you apply to much it will go into your lips natural creases and crack. The major downside or the worst thing about this lipstick like with their eyeliners is that the lipstick stain the skin and lips. I have used this on myself and clients and honestly will not continue to use it on my clients because I have a super hard time removing it from the skin and lips and I never want my clients to look at me as if I am using cheap products. If you apply a thin layer the lipstick comes out lighter and if you apply a thicker layer the lipstick comes out darker but will crack and crease into your lips and it will feel heavy on your lips. Before I forget, the lipstick does wear off when eating and drinking and since it stains the lips when it wears off it looks quite unpleasant to be honest and the texture is a bit drying on my lips. God forbid that the lipstick touches another part of your skin around your mouth, you will see a stain (tested on myself and a few of my models)

Stain left on skin after removing lipstick
Barry M (L) Flormar (R) PERFECT DUPES

Now it’s time for the DUPES of Lime crime Makeup in Centrifuchsia. When I was attending my Kryolan Red Alert makeup event I was allowed to snoop around and test all their product and to be honest I was wearing this lipstick, my makeup artist friends and I were looking for a cheaper dupe by Kryolan and we found the identical DUPE for centrifuchsia. If you want a lighter or the exact dupe version of centrifuchsia then go for Kryolan lipstick LC 122 & LC 121 (swatches below comparing the two). You can see my Barry M lipsticks swatches above and my Flormar the cheapest brand out of all these brand has the perfect DUPES also. So I  see no reason to buy this expensive lipstick when you have cheaper and better or same quality DUPES available in your local drugstore.

Lime Crime Makeup Lipstick Dupe Kryolan LC 122


  • shade
  • smooth texture when applying makeup
  • cute packaging
  • portable
  • opaque
  • vegan
  • not tested on animals


  • not long lasting
  • strong floral scent
  • stains lips & skin
  • expensive
  • online shopping
  • expensive shipping
  • drying texture
  • wears off patchy 



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