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How to: Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design Natasha

Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design: Natasha

Sigma Makeup Brushes is back with a new Brow Design in Natasha. Sigma Beauty ( has featured this look on their blog. The shade Natasha which is a medium brown shade, covers a very wide range of hair colors, is perfect if you need to define your brows. The sigma makeup brushes brow design Natasha shade is for enhancing brows. It doesn’t make the brow seem to bold but rather give the perfect  amount for perfectly defined brow. Use your brand new brow design tools to achieve this new Sigma Makeup Brushes Brows.

Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design

1. Use Natasha powder and create the shape you want. Perfect the brows with the medium-shaded brow pencil.
2. Brush through the brows with the tintend brow gel to create a sleek, completed look.
3. Apply shimmer highlight pencil directly onto the brow bone and blend out.

Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design / Sigma Beauty Makeup


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