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How to build your makeup collection

Hello Kitty MAC Makeup Collection

Have you ever seen an enormous makeup collection and dreamed about collecting such an amount of quality makeup goodies? Let’s face reality: you don’t need such a large amount of makeup unless you are a professional… well, even makeup artists don’t use everything in their makeup collection and they often have to throw away things they forgot they had and when they think of them, the expiration date is passed. Ouch, that must hurt. That is the disadvantage of collecting things you will rarely use. If you are starting to build your makeup collection focus on the most necessary things and always be careful to buy quality product because the skin on your face can suffer the consequences of poor quality products. The first thing you need for your collection is to get the right foundation, some necessary makeup brushes, eye shadows, a nice blush and a few lipsticks.

The foundation

The base of your makeup is the most important thing. You can do flawless makeup on your eyes and lips, but if the foundation is not perfect, the result fails. First of all, you need a good daily care routine for your skin that suits its need. Choose the right products for your skin and make sure a day doesn’t go by without doing the routine of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. It’s not all about the makeup – if you don’t have the proper base, the foundation will look bad no matter how expensive it is. The liquid foundation is one of the most important things in your makeup collection. You may have several failed attempts before you find the right one for your skin, and maybe even when you find the perfect foundation, after a while your skin won’t take it so well and you will have to look for another one. Do not choose to save your money on the foundation in your makeup collection. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it has to be high quality because the liquid foundations often cause skin allergies and acne breakouts. If you have oily skin, add a good primer and face powder to your makeup collection.

The brushes

Have you noticed that even though you buy the same products that professional makeup artists use and you fail to get the same result? Sure, their technique and experience contribute to the amazing results, but another thing that distinguishes the excellent from the ordinary makeup – are brushes. Your makeup collection needs a good set of brushes. Lately, there are less expensive but amazing brushes, such as Sigma Brushes, and you don’t need a big budget to get yourself a good kit. Get a few different brushes or a brush kit (use our coupon and save 10% you should especially get a good blending brush), one for contouring the cheekbones, one for blush and another for face powder. Make sure to regularly clean your brushes in order to keep bacteria away from your makeup collection.

Cheeks, eyes and lips

Although these items attract your eyes the most, you do not need too many blushers, eye shadows and lip products. I recommend starting with one eye shadow palette that will save you a lot of money, two to three blushers and a few different lipsticks and lip-glosses in your makeup collection. I strongly recommend that you build your makeup collection according to the needs of your skin type and skin tone, rather than what most attracts your attention.

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