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Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store (Zagreb Croatia)

This week I attended a CHANEL event for the New Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store Zagreb, Croatia. The new fragrance store is located in the heart of Zagreb on their main square Trg Bana Jelačića (two entrances down from the main tourist info place) and right next to a bank. Besides have a superb location Chanel is part of Martimex, but to be honest Chanel is what you notice when you stand in front of the shop and some might ask why? You might have read my previous event summary of Chanel’s Makeup Studio store (or the summary of the opening of that Chanel’s makeup studio) almost two years ago. In the meanwhile, Chanel closed that shop and they reopened a new Chanel fragrance and beauty concept store.

Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store

The new Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store is bigger than the previous store it also contains fragrances and skin care products, so in short you get your Chanel fix in one place. The exterior of Martimex has been redesigned so that is contains all the unique codes of the House of Chanel, from the classic black and white colors to details such as the classic black and white Chanel tweed jacket. When you enter the store, you are greeted by the Chanel logo on the right hand side and by other unique Chanel codes such as beige and golden colors and additional tweed textures. The space just breathes Chanel and luxury, I truly felt like I was in Paris for those few brief moments, and those that have been following me for a long time know that I love Paris and have an obsession with all things French (I believe that in my past life in the era of impressionism, I lived in Paris near Edgar Quinet).

chanel the Olfactory Bar

Chanel The Olfactory Bar & Les Exclusifs De Chanel

The first thing your eyes are attracted to is this space open circular space. When you look directly at the store your eyes are attracted to the center of the space directly at the Olfactory Bar. Chanel’s perfumer, director of research and development, Christopher Sheldrake, created the olfactory bar. Using a blotter system which contain 54 Chanel fragrances, you are asked a few questions and through those questions a Chanel expert will help you find your ideal fragrance, both for me and women. The next exquisite thing is the Les Exclusifs De Chanel corner created by Chanel’s master perfumer Jacques Polge. This corner contains “1932”, the latest edition to the now 14 exclusive fragrances which pay tribute to the first diamond jewellery collection created by Chanel herself in 1932.

At the back of this Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store, you have two spaces, one for Chanel makeup products and one for Chanel skin care products. In the makeup corner, you have that beautiful Chanel makeup vanity mirror that can show you how your makeup looks under any light, in my opinion the most perfect vanity mirror.

Chanel The Art Of Wrapping

Chanel the art of wrapping

The last thing I wanted to mention was this unique and new thing Chanel is offering for their clients. It’s called “the art of wrapping”. With the art of wrapping is something Chanel now expresses their ultimate refinement through content and presentation, you get a unique Chanel wrapping gesture for your Chanel gifts, for example, in the picture above you can see that beautiful like Chanel fragrance bottle on the Chanel gift bag, makes the gift bag look even more Chanel.

During the event we had some champagne and finger food, but the beautiful Virginie brought we herself french macarons. I have eaten macarons before but never actual the original french ones. My favorite ones the green pistachio ones, which thanks to Virgine I was able to taste. I can confirm that the next time I am in France I will just be eating the pistachio macarons, never have I eaten macarons like this, truly exquisite! My taste buds thank you very much for that Virgine. At the end of the event we got a whole goodie bag of Chanel goodies that I cannot wait to try and review. Oh Chanel, you know how to spoil a girl, don’t you!

Now to end this quite long Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store event, a quote from the great Coco Chanel would be appropriate.

p.s. enjoy and the video and pictures 😉

Wishing you a Chanel day!

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” 
― Coco Chanel

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