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Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Cat Woman Collaboration

Sexy Cat makeup

Sexy Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Sexy Cat Halloween makeup Tutorial was so much fun that I can’t even start to explain it. I think that even after this holiday I will continue to do makeup related to Halloween. My post is a few hours late since I had computer and personal issues which I had to attend to. Now let’s get back to work. Sexy Cat Halloween makeup is not only fun but I love how creative people get. This is why doing a collaboration is so much fun! My collaboration with Maybe’s new start and nails for fun has continued. The ladies did an amazing job with their Sexy Cat Halloween makeup look and nail art. This is Maybe’s New Startwork of art! Check out her blog postto see how she did this super hot look!

Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Cat Woman

This is Nails for fun’s nail art Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Cat Woman. As you can see she was in charge of recreating a Sexy Cat Woman look on her nails. She really has an amazing talent that I am not sure that she is even aware of. I really love her art and her passion for nail art. Make sure to check out her blog post to see how she did this super amazing nail art. I love that she recreated a cat woman nail art that looks great for all cat women, no matter which one you choose! I really love it and don’t forget to check out her Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Cat Woman

Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Cat Woman

An finally here is my Halloween Makeup Tutorial Sexy Cat Woman. This Halloween tutorial will not have a voiceover since it’s pretty much clear on what’s going on. I have used my Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes, and a few out makeup brushes. I personally love sigma beauty and find them to be amazing prices at amazing prices. Don’t forget to check out my October Sigma beauty post for current sigma coupon and codes for October. CLICK HERE FOR SIGMA BRUSHES COUPONS
  • Graftobian Yellow highlight
  • Graftobian Cream foundation (N palette)
  • Essence #02 dance all night
  • Barry M #62 lipstick
  • Look By Bipa Cosmetics : #1 Black Night  /  #7 Shadow
  • Eveline Volumix fiberlast black mascara
  • ELF HD powder 
  • Nivea soft liner #2 graphite
  • Look bu Bipa Kajal #10 snow
  • Flormar #05
  • Eylure girls aloud Cheryl
  • sigma beauty brushes


Halloween Makeup Sexy Cat
Halloween makeup sexy kitty cat makeup 2011

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