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Green Girl cosmetics Under Your Spell golden shimmer dry oil

My recent PR sample was from an natural aroma-cosmetics brand called Green Girl. I am crazy about dry oils since I believe that if made with natural ingredients it’s the best thing for your skin. I also love supporting indie brands which do deliver good products and this one got on my very rare Wish list. I am all into dewy skin and natural remedies, so I read a good review about this product by a local beauty blogger Dear Skin. After getting it I had to put it on the back burner since I was backed up with reviews since before summer. This is my first, I guess it’s called like this, tinted dry oil, so let me tell you what the brand claims.

Green Girl cosmetics Under Your Spell oil

Green Girl cosmetics claims that Under Your Spell is a golden shimmer dry oil which can be used on your body, face and on the ends of your hair, so something similar to Nuxe Prodigieuse multi usage dry oil. You get 100 ml for around $21 in a glass bottle, again similar to Nuxe’s packaging. By the way I am going to be reviewing Nuxe very soon. The Green Girl Cosmetics dry oil is ideal to enhance your summer tan and you can choose between two scents monoi and vanilla. I am not sure which one I got, but it sure smells nice. In short, reading another review this guy is suppose to be very hydrating for the skin.

Green Girl Kozmerika Under Your Spell Suho Ulje Dry Oil

Green Girl cosmetics Under Your Spell

Now for the more detailed review of Green Girl cosmetics Under Your Spell golden shimmer dry oil. My face is not a face for oily stuff, I have acne, combination to oily skin. My body on the other hand is normal to dry so I do love oiling it up from time to time. The ingredients in this product is good and contains products like jojoba, argan, apricot, shea oil. When the product sit on the shelf the shimmer and oil separate, what is expected. It’s very important to mix the bottle well so that all the ingredient can mix well and that you can get the golden effect. I loved how hydrating the oil was. Since it contains a lot of natural ingredients the skin absorbs it very fast, so no oily residue. I loved how instantly my skin felt hydrated, ideal for hot humid and dry weather or dry skin. The oil, since it’s tinted, give a mild tanning effect and it really does enhance your summer tan or it tints your skin mildly, what was a plus.

Green Girl Under Your Spell

The thing I didn’t like about Green Girl Under Your Spell was the tint part (I will call it like that), even though I just wrote that I loved it, here is why I also disliked it. There is a certain way you have to apply this product to avoid making a mess around your house and on your clothes. I applied a larger amount of product on my legs and arms which resulted in me becoming a walking human stain. I let my skin absorb the oil and after some time I wiped my hand with my towel and it left a copper and golden (shimmer) stain. Then I put my hand under water to just rub it down to see if I can remove maybe some of the leftover tint, but after wiping on my towel, it again stained my towel. I took a shower with soap and water and I saw the color fall off my body. After that I went to retest it to see what would happen if I only applied a small amount of product. Also, I let the bottle settle for about 15 mins and didn’t shake it this time around. After the oils and shimmers settled a bit, what gave it a bit more blended look, I took a dime size of oily and rubbed it in on my arm from my elbow to my wrist. I made sure I rubbed it in well. I let it sit like that for a few minutes. Then I wiped that part of my hand with a white tissue and it did leave a tiny amount of tint on it, but nothing that I would fear to walk around in my mainly white colour home and furniture.

GreenGirl Kozmetika Under Your Spell Dry Oil

Green Girl Under Your Spell

The shimmer part of the Green Girl Under Your Spell dry oil was the first thing I was originally worried about, but when you rub it in, it looks good and fades, unlike with my Flormar shimmer cream product which resulted in a disco ball effect on the body, crazy, I mean who wants to look like a vampire from twilight? Come on Flormar.

To sum this up, I can say that this is one of the best body oils which I have tried. If you are going to buy it, I recommend using no more than dime size amounts, per body part. I do also want to try the Green Girl On Cloud Nine dry oil (it’s on my wish list) for a few reasons, it’s transparent and it smells like coconut. I will continue to use this oil but I will let the shimmer settle in the bottle and just use the oil which is floating on top. I have a feeling that all shimmer tinted oils leave some form of colorful tint film on the skin which can rub off.

How are your experiences with similar body oils? Have you tried this one? Did you encounter this problem? Have your tried Nuxe Golden shimmer dry oil?

GreenGirl Kozmetika Under Your Spell Golden Shimmer Dry Oil


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