Summer is here so I wanted to share with you a few of summer makeup and beauty products which many of you for sure have been looking at. Last year I bought a few products which I honestly didn’t have time to try, but since a product can have a long shelf life prior to opening. Today’s makeup review is Flormar Shimmering body lotion. I am not sure if this product is still in offer or if this was part of a collection. Besides that here are a few company claims. The Shimmering body lotion contains moisture magnet protein complexed mirels. It gives the skin radiance and skin identical moisture. The company also claims that it enhances the natural radiance of our skin with light reflections and moisture.

Flormar Shimmering Body Lotion Review

Flormar Shimmering body lotion

The Flormar Shimmering body lotion,  comes in a 150ml plastic squeeze tube what offers a practical and easy transport in most bags and some larger purses. The color of the cream is white with a yellowish- golden cream which when rubbed into the skin fades in color but tints the skin mildly. The cream does contain small participles of glitter which is visible in the cream prior to application. I do feel that the cream does hydrate my skin as it claims. The scent of the cream, smells like some sugary candy which sadly does not fade. For me personally this scent is too sweet but if you do like scents of cupcake or candies then you will enjoy this scent.

Flormar Shimmering Body Lotion Swatches

Flormar Shimmering body lotion

After application of this body lotion, I do recommend a few things. Make sure to wash your hands. You need to rub this cream in well to avoid having chunks of glitter in one place. Your hands will contain abnormal amount of glitter due to you rubbing in the body lotion. It kind of reminded me the after effect of self tanners, but you can wash off the glitter with some soap and water. The body lotion, in my opinion, Flormar Shimmering body lotion contains large amount of glitter, too much if you ask me. On direct sunlight, you can see the glitter’s reflection on the sun and in my opinion that killed it for me. I personally do not want to walk around looking like I was at a glitter party all night long. I do want to note that some people do like this effect. The glitter, after application, is evenly distributed over the body, so not glitter chunks.

makeup review Flormar shimmering body lotion

For the end of this makeup review of Flormar Shimmering body lotion, I have to note that after having the body lotion on my body for about 1 ½ hours my body started to get irritated and small red spots on my skin appeared as if I had a rash in the making. I do have to note that this reaction might be if someone opened the body lotion when I opened it and the cream has expired. I do have very sensitive skin which does react negatively to any body lotions which contain a lot of chemicals. Overall I had high hopes for this body lotion but it didn’t deliver for me. I just didn’t like how the body lotion reacted and looked on my skin.