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Dermablend Cosmetics concealing Zombie Boy

Dremablend Pro Cosmetics was on a makeup mission impossible to conceal Zombie Boy! If you do not know who Zombie Boy is, then let me explain in a few short words. Zombie Boy is a famous male model that has a full-body tattoo or better said that has tattooed himself from head to toe. When I first saw him I thought to myself, what makeup brands did they use? What makeup brushes? Did they airbrush the details on? Zombie boy, a.k.a Rick Genest, is probably the world’s most recognizable full-body canvas. You might recognize him from Lady Gaga’s video spot “born this way” or from Mugler fashion campaign. He was hired by L’oreal-owned cosmetics brand to star in a new spot for Dremablend Pro to prove how well their makeup can conceal anything, using only sponges, makeup brushes and make up.

Not Halloween makeup

When I first saw this look I thought Halloween makeup, but now since I know it’s a permanent tattoo, I am even more amazed. In the video below, you will see how many beauty products were used in order to conceal his whole body. They even used airbrush makeup and focused on making his skin seem as real as possible. The makeup tutorial might even reveal a few makeup tricks. You can see in the video that it was a long process, they had to cover the tattoos and then add depth to the concealed areas in order to make it believable. In the pic above where Zombie Boy is wearing what I like to call “Halloween makeup”, he looks like he has hair on top of his head, and maybe even some facial hair going on his face. When I saw the two pictures above, I wasn’t sure which one was real, the face with no tattoos or the face with tattoos, that is how real it looked for me. In the video, you will see what a great job the Dremablend’s makeup team did, such an amazing job, you will have a hard time believing that they did that good of a job covering all those permanent tattoos, it’s really confussing and amazing. In the video, you can see all details that the team focused on while putting on the “Halloween makeup” or better said normal skin look.


Makeup review not required

Dremablend Pro Cosmetics gave the best beauty product review a company can make with campaign. They managed to prove and show to their loyal fans, and possible new ones, how well their makeup can cover, basically anything. This truly is an amazing video. The best part of the video is when he starts taking off his makeup. It seems as if he felt that he was wearing some Halloween makeup while when he started to take off the makeup, he seemed as if he felt relieved. Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest, and the visual effect wanted to emphasis the brand’s message, “how do you judge a book?” “Go beyond the cover”. I find this to be a smart “message” from the brand, but a bit funny since in the end it’s a cosmetics brand advertising makeup.

With all that makeup on his body, he looks like an average Joe! Much better with the full-body tattoos.  

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