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Diet Diary Day 2

Today I woke up early about 5 am and then I wne tback to sleep.
For breakfast I had a yogurt and a ham sandwich.
For lunch  I made a homemade healthy Big Mac? Does that make any sense?
hahahah yes it does.  If you want to make a homemade Big Mac view the video below

Even though I gave up Red Meat for Lent I decided that I could eat red meat at least one day throughout lent.
And I drank lots and lots of water.
I had a good day.
I feel refreshed, light and full of energy.

Last night I had a horrible night.
I decided not to eat after 6pm…..that was a HARD task!!!! I mean HARD my stomach is used to me eating really late. Usually if I workout regularly then it doesn’t matter when I eat, but since I haven’t been workout for the past year everything goes straight to my behind and thighs.

Tonight my body has already got use to the feeling about not eating late at night.
But I know that tomorrow it will be growling hahahhahaha

Day 2 is over Thank God

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