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Corpse Bride Tutorial in English

Corpse Bride (often known as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride) is a 2005 musical stop-motion-animation fantasy film.

While Victor was rehearsing his wedding vows in a forest, he placed his wedding ring on what looks like a tree branch, but it turned out to be Emily’s fingers. Emily was so thrilled by the prospect of marriage that she rises from the grave and dragged Victor into the Land of the Dead.

Emily was murder on the day of her wedding day in the woods. Now she wants to love her “new groom” forever!!!!

This is my version of Tim Burton’s corpse bride.
The look HAS TOO LOOK MESSY !!! since she has been dead for  a longer time she won’t look neat or perfect!! (keep this in mind)

picture of Corpse Bride


***** FACE ********
– any light blue eyeshadow
– any very light liquid foundation
– any frosty very light blue eyeshadow (this is used as a highlight color)

******* SUNKEN IN EYES ******
– any medium to light purple eyeshadow

****** CONTOUR ************
– 3 different darker shades of blue eyeshadow to contour your face
– a rich light blue eyeshadow (for all over the face)

********* EYES **********
– black eyeshadow
– rich medium blue eyeshadow
– white eye pencil

***** EYEBROWS ******
black waterproof liquid eyeliner

***** MOLD ******
– blue, green, black eyeshadow

****** FAKE LASHES *******
black waterproof liquid eyeliner

****** LIPS *********
– pink lip liner
– black lip liner
– pink lipstick

All brushes used by sigma

*********  MUSIC:
Kevin Macleod – Darkest Child Var

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