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BLINK Makeup Tutorial 2014 (X-Men Days Of Future Past)

X-Men Days Of Future Past Makeup

This summer X-Men Days Of Future Past movie is coming and you will meet BLINK. Blink is a new character which comic book lovers will know, but besides blink, there are many other new characters in the new X-men, you can see all the characters online or on the trailers on YouTube. I decided to recreate Blink’s look since it was pretty simple and anyone can pull it off. It’s the ideal Cosplay makeup look. This is a not only my first X-men makeup tutorial or better-said makeup transformation, but also a really quick and simple X-men makeup tutorial. I hope that you enjoy my simple yet fun Blink Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014.

BLINK X-Men Makeup Tutorial 2014

These are the makeup products which I used for my Blink X-men Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2014, for the upcoming X-Men Days Of Future Past movie. 

Makeup Products:



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