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Makeup tips from MUAs

Makeup artists know a lot of tricks and sometimes they are willing to share them with women around the world. You can look dazzling and glamorous at the parties and events you visit with just a few makeup tips from the best makeup artists. You can learn how to master the appliance of makeup with the advices of the makeup artists. Prepare yourself to glitter at every upcoming party and adapt to people looking at you. Makeup is something that can do magic to your face by covering all the imperfections and highlighting the beautiful features.

Base makeup tips

The first thing you need to know where you start applying makeup on your face is how to prepare the base for the makeup. One of the makeup tips comes from the popular makeup artist Jane McKay. The most important thing in applying foundation is to apply a little on the center of your face and then spread it gently outwards. That will give you a natural and even look for your makeup base. After that use a concealer to lighten up your dark circles and cover up your skin problems and wrinkles. Mathew Alexander, a makeup artist from Hollywood, tells us how to make the dewy face trick. For a dewy face, you need to apply concealer or foundation on your nose, chin, cheekbones, forehead, and lids. After that you need to use highlighter on your face’s highest points. If you do that the skin on your face will look even and less curvy.

Makeup tips for a perfect eye shadow

One of the makeup tips brought to us by Sarah Lucero is about the eyes and the correct eye shadow usage. Your eyes can look bigger and very attractive just by using an eye shadow with a metallic finish. Your look will be brighter by just one minor change. Use metallic, golden, silver, or any other vibrant color and see the difference with your own eyes. Always use mascara for a final touch. You can also use an eye shadow that is three toned. You should blend all of them starting with a light color and finishing with a dark tone. The medium color should be applied only on your lid. Your brows should also be highlighted for a more dramatic effect.

Makeup tips for wearing a lipstick and blush

Always choose a lipstick that matches your skin tone. Never overuse the lipstick; it should be classy and romantic. If you want to wear red lipstick, you should know that the secret to wearing red lipstick is feeling confident. Don’t be afraid to apply it, just make sure that it looks good on your skin tone. In case your lipstick doesn’t matches with your blush color, a simple trick can save you. The makeup tips from makeup artists suggest using the lipstick as a blush. Apply a little lipstick on your fingertips and pat it onto the cheeks. After that just blend it in. You will look as good as the celebrities in the magazines.

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