Best Dress Met Gala 2013

Best Of Met Ball Gala 2013

So even everyone and their mother already saw all the pictures of the Met Ball Gala 2013 and not it’s time to mention the best dressed of Met Gala 2013 and if any worst somes. Looking at the fashion which was presented at the Met Gala 2013, I can confirm that long awaited Punk fashion is back, but not only with fashion but hair and makeup. I am seriously loving almost everyones fashion statement for this Met Gala 2013. There are a few looks that I though were a miss in every way, you know what you go overboard so make sure to also check out below my Worst of Met Ball Gala 2013. I will also include in this article other most unusual looks and similar other titles. You might be surprised below with who I did like, so if you disagree feel free to leave a comment below.

Best Dress Met Gala 2013

So, as you can see above I have mentioned my best dressed of this years Met Gala 2013. I have placed them in the order of the best to best from left to right. This means that the best dressed of this years Meta Gala 2013 is Cara Delevingne. I would absolutely buy this dress in a blink of an eye. The ‘PUNK: Chaos To Couture’ Met Gala 2013, British model Cara Delevingne was wearing: Burberry Prorsum designer Christopher Bailey on the red carpet. I have to admit that I loved her either look, from the hair to the makeup. she just rocked the look.

Best Punk Fashion Met Gala 2013

The Best punk fashion dressed celebrities with British model Cara Delevingne on first place, after her we have the following celebrities that rocked the punk look. In no particular order, Miley Cyrus Met Gala 2013 rocked the typical 80s punk rock look. I loved it and even the spiky hair rocked. The look is perfect.

Madonna Met Gala 2013 rocked the look with a classic material girl punk version. I loved the look but the only thing I didn’t like about it was when she turned around. I think some ripped shorts would have looked better than her baring her ass out for the world to see it, but then again it is madonna who bared it all in the late 80s, if you remember that. I am personally loving the hair and makeup! Madonna a surprise always!

Sarah Jessica Parker Met Gala 2013, rocked the look. Her hair, dress and over the knee boots just rocked it! She was my third favorite dressed person! She rocked it like her sex and the city character, in high couture fashion!

Katy Perry Met Gala 2013, rocked the like a virgin punk rock look! Loved it was very rock and roll and she could only pull off this look! The crown and drama earrings really contributed to the look to get that rock punk look and the pale skin and dark lips. Whoever was her stylist and makeup artist, you rock! Excellent job!

The most modern version of a rock and punk edition was Doutzen Kroes met gala 2013. She rocked the leather look and gave it class. I love the simple hair and the accessories, and just look at those shoes! Punk it out!

If Versace can’t pull off punk rock, then I don’t know who can! Donatella Versace met gala 2013 rocked the carpet with that spiky shoulder and one arm band and simple hair! This women was hot maybe for the first time since I have bee following her.

Last best punk rock look was Nicole Richie Met Gala 2013. She rocked the white hair drama makeup and white punk rock dress. Welcome back to the better side of high fashion it suits you and I hope you stay there!

Most Different Met Gala 2013

Now it’s time to show other ladies that rocked the runway with a few unique creative looks that were not punk rock but rather unique and special in their own special way. The first person that I wanted to mention was Beyonce met gala 2013. Her look was far from punk rock but it more reminds me of Versace in the 80s in a very very good way! I am a very big lover of the 80s Versace, so Beyonce deserves a very special place in this category.

The second must mention person was Paloma Faith Met Gala 2013, this was after Beyonce the second best unique overall look on this year’s Met Gala 2013, I just can’t explain how much I love the makeup, hair and hat. This is just so out there and is very Hollywood red carpet glamour. Welcome back Hollywood glamour.

Taylor Swift Met Gala 2013, rocked the red carpet with that unique dress. I don’t know who her fashion consultant is but can I borrow him! I really like the majority of dresses that she sports on these glamour events.

Nina Dobrev Met Gala 2013, rocked the carpet with this very beautiful look that seriously I want in my closet. It’s amazing and looks amazing on her or better said she rocked the dress.

Stacey Keibler Meta Gala 2013, rocked the look with this unique look. I love the studded dress but I do have to admit it’s not punk rock but more rock and a modern version. I have to say that the hair and makeup just didn’t go with the look. I think a brick red would have rocked this look and not sure what king of hair but the top didn’t match the bottom.

Minka Kelly Met Gala 2013, rocked this purple lace elegant dress. I thought this was truly a very unique dress and love lace when it’s presented in a very trendy and modern fashion. I love the makeup and hair and this purple belt at the waste really gave the dress a special look.

Giuliana Rancic Met Gala 2013, rocked this vintage looking dress that looks amazing on her. Usually I think the dresses that she wears make her look skinner than she really is but this dress is amazing! She rocked here!

Kate Bosworth Met Gala 2013, rocked this look and I am so loving that it was a short dress. a very rich and unique Bollywood looking dress that she rocked! Overall look was awesome!

Naomi Harris Met Gala 2013, rocked this very eye popping dress that gave flare and beauty. This just made her look so glamorous.

Katie Holmes Met Gala 2013, rocked the carpet with this unique white dress. White dresses are hard to rock but she rocked it as if it were a part of her! Katie we love you and your awesome fashion sense!

Koralina Kurkova Met Gala 2013, rocked this Versace 80s fashion looking dress and I love it! But the only problem that I have with this dress is that it just might be to simple so I left it under the unique categories

WTD were you thinking AKA – Worst Dressed Met Gala 2013

The las category is WTD (D stands for Duck)  were you thinking, seriously! The worst dressed met gala 2013 are here. I have to say that these dresses I just to not get or understand why you would say yes to a dress like this. Who though this would look good on them? Can someone please explain this to me? Any other dress not mentioned was in the good category but not worth the mention. So let’s see who made it to the worst dressed met gala 2013 and I will not be commenting this since a picture speaks more than words in these cases for sure.

 Anne Hathaway Meta Gala 2013, why? where do I start? The hair or the dress even the makeup is dodgy! You look like you aged 20 years!

Rose Huntington-Whiteley Meta Gala 2013, unlike her hair and makeup, the dress is looks like it forgot a piece of material! no matter how hot you are this dress will make you look horrible, or let’s call this look when punk rock goes bad!

Lily Cole Met Gala 2013, stole Vivienne Westwood look and this is not a compliment! Looks like she is wearing a garbage bag! Horrible and tacky! or does it look like …

With you my dear Kristen Stewart Met Gala 2013, it’s s hit or miss and this time it looks like you took a poop in your pants and left it there! Horrible cut and makes you look like your legs start up by your belly button.

Alicia Keys Met Gala 2013, not the most flattering dress she ever wore but I do have to mention that she in my opinion has had a break up with fashion for a longer period of time.

Amanda Seyfried Met Gala 2013, why or who is trying to kill you in the fashion world? Please say not to the next dress that person suggests you were.Looks like my wall carpet vomited on her dress. But the makeup and hair rock!

Nicki Minaj Met Gala 2013, this is not a video of yours so please dress up! this dress is so horrible that I want to cry honestly! She usually dresses quite eccentric in a good way but this was just horrible!

Cameron Diaz Met Gala 2013, even though I honestly understand where she was going with this for a punk rock 80s fashion trend, it still is to conservative for punk and looks like she left her house as a super hero and not punker

Elizabeth Banks Met Gala 2013, When was a tuxedo considered to be a dress? I have seen this trendy appear a few times and I hate it with a passion never looked good on anyone before nor does it now! Just stop trying to pull off this tuxedo dress look!

Linda Evangelista Met Gala 2013, Do I see a vintage ghost on the red carpet? Seriously? It’s not Halloween!

Gwen Stefani Met Gala 2013, another look that Hollywood fashion designers have been trying to pull off. The adult film entertainer ribbon top look! Yeah, only looks good like in never! Quite a BIG BIG BIG disappointment from one of the original punk rock ideal women! You make me sad as a former punk rocker chick!

Olivia Wilde Met Gala 2013, Another belt dress top try, just stop this horrible fashion trend!

 Anja Rubik Met Gala 2013, do I really have to say anything! This is punk but it did not rock!

One of the worst dressed Met Gala 2013 is Gwyneth Paltrow she might be THE worst dressed.

I do not understand? Going out in your flashy PJs Director Sofia Coppola and designer Marc Jacobs? Met Gala 2013? Wow! How brave

Careful people, we have another Ghost on the red carpet, but this one is in color! Ashley Olsen Met Gala 2013. 

The second worst dressed is model Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann Met Gala 2013, Looks like a box of two colours just vomited on this dress!

Who were you best and worst dressed? Leave a comment below!