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Makeup review: Inglot Lipstick 24, 12, 38, 10, 02 and swatches

Inglot lipsticks are both a pain and a wonderful thing. In this makeup review I will speak of shade: #24 (nude), #12 pink nude, #38 hot red, #10 cool red, #02 orange red. When my local Inglot had a 40% sale on the round eye shadows. I decided to buy one palette but when I saw that I can get two palettes for the normal price of one, I then bought two palettes. I was able to then swatch lipsticks that I saw and I got five lipsticks and honestly today I regret two shades and have no idea why I even got them I guess when you get sucked into the excitement of 40% off you by more than you planned to.

Makeup review & Swatches Inglot Lipstick

The Inglot lipstick that I bought for my makeup review today, are a few different shades of lipstick. The number one problem with these palettes are that I hate them with a passion. I find the to be extremely annoying and being forced to buy them is a pain in the ass and I have because of that walked away many times from the shop empty handed since I make my own DIY magnetic makeup and eye shadow palettes (check it out). This time I decided to buy a palette or two to have them for my future purposes but honestly I am going to sell them since I really do not need them at all, expect a blog sale soon. I bought a 5 lip palette palete and saw a few shades that caught my eyes. The store shop makeup artist suggested a few top selling lipstick shades, and I loved her suggestions.

Inglot Lipstick Swatches Review
L-R #24, #12, #38, #10, #02 (last two shade on the lips look differently in real life)

Makeup review: Inglot Lipstick pros and cons

The Inglot lipstick shades that I got are some classic red shades and a nude pink and a nude shades. The actual name of the lipsticks are the following: #24 (nude), #12 pink nude, #38 hot red, #10 cool red, #02 orange red. The thing that I really liked about the lip palette is that is comes with a mirror unlike the eyeshadow palette. The lipsticks are quite creamy and glide on with easy. Since I am used to matte lipsticks I find that they work amazing with matte lipsticks and for bridal, daily and night lipstick if you do not want to use lip gloss but still want a nice shine to your lips. The lipstick overall is excellent pigmented and are better than my NYX round lipsticks and NYX black label lipsticks. Inglot lipsticks last much longer on the lips than I expected concerning the texture. Overall I can say that the lipstick lasted 8+ hours only drinking but when eating I think the lipstick just like my Graftobian lipstick  palette wears out much faster. Now for the final part of this makeup review let’s compare the Inglot lipsticks to my Grafotiban palette.

Inglot Lipstick 24, 12, 38, 10, 02 swatches review

Inglot lipstick makeup review conclusion

Comparing my Graftobian Lipstick palette to my Inglot palette, price wise, the Graftobian palette pays off more since you get so many shades for less. Comparing the pigmentation, they are both equally as good. Now to finally compare the longevity of the lipsticks on the lips, they are very similar but I would say for this makeup review that Inglot lipstick lasts a bit longer than Graftobian. To conclude this lipstick conclusion I regret buying one shade the cool red shade #10. I found that the shade looks unnatural on the lips and is very hard to combine with many looks. The other shades are very good and are a must have in my personal opinion.

Have you bought anything from Inglot? Do you like Inglot lipsticks?


  • palette (unlike the eye shadow palette) 
  • mirror
  • matte elegant packaging
  • magnetised palette
  • easy to transport
  • space for a lip brush
  • affordable price for each lip stick individually
  • 1.2g / 0.4 oz
  • 12 month
  • very pigmented
  • glossy


  • not long lasting as one would like 
  • wears off fast when eating and drinking


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