Beauty tips for Rosacea

Beauty tips for Rosacea


Rosacea is one of the most common skin conditions that affect a lot of people around the world. It is a condition that causes irritation on the face, red areas and acne like spots. If you have rosacea and you still want to look perfect by keeping the rosacea controlled, you have to practice how to take care of your skin properly and be very careful when you are looking for cosmetic products that you wish to use. With a few beauty tips, you can look good even with rosacea, because the red spots will disappear and you will feel good in your own skin.

Sun protection as one of the beauty tips for rosacea

If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, you can easily trigger the rosacea. If you have this problem, always wear a sunscreen. The sunscreen has to be level 30 SPF or more to minimize the risk of a reddish outburst. One of the beauty tips is to reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours. Additional help is if you avoid the sun and walk in the shade or wear protective clothes. If you plan to be in the sun a long period of time, make sure to wear a wide hat that will totally give protection to your face from the dangerous sunlight. However, make sure to apply sunscreen even if you are wearing a hat.

Makeup beauty tips for rosacea

If you want to use makeup, you have to choose products for sensitive skin. One of the beauty tips if to use pre-foundation that is tinted yellow or green to cover the redness. It should be oil free and that will less likely cause irritation to your skin. The foundation should have sunscreen protection as well. Find a foundation that is fragrance free, because fragrances are bad for your rosacea. In case your rosacea affects the eyes as well, never use an eye makeup when you have a reddish outburst. If that is the case, even the gentlest products could result in  eye irritation. Conceal the imperfections on your skin and the redness caused by the rosacea with an oil free concealer. Choose a concealer that is close to your natural skin color. Apply it on your exposed blood vessels, red spots, and facial bumps, and then blend it into your skin. The concealer can be applied even before the foundation. When the foundation is applied as well, you should get an even skin tone without any red spots.

Cleansing as one of the beauty tips for rosacea

One of the most important beauty tips is the most simple as well. You should always keep your face clean. In case your rosacea is flaring up, use facial cleansers that are gentle and don’t contain any alcohol, fragrances, or any kind of ingredients for exfoliating. Your face should be cleaned in the morning and before going to bed. It is enough to apply the cleanser only two times a day, since applying it often can cause irritation of the skin and unexpectedly trigger an outburst. Use a soft piece of cloth to apply the cleanser or use your fingertips.