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American Horror Story Coven Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

American Horror Story Coven Makeup Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013 pic

My latest Halloween makeup tutorial 2013 American Horror Story Coven Witch Makeup had some serious issues with the lighting. I cannot even describe how much it got me pissed. I wasn’t able to portray the colors that I used in the makeup tutorial and I looked pale as a white rag and the green eye shadow by Makeup Geek – Fuji, didn’t look as green as it did as in my pictures. So, because of that I then decided to play with the overall lighting in the video since I didn’t manage to get it right. After not using artificial lighting for a long time, I have to say it was a challenge using it again and I over exposed my video what resulted in poor coloring and too much light.

American Horror Story Coven Witch Makeup

American Horror Story Coven Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial was inspired by all the trailers that you could have seen online. I love topics about witches since when I was in high school I was a big fan of the Craft movie and in general anything that had to do with anything witch related, my friends used to call me the red witch, I used to predict peoples futures from coffee cups and I would get it correct each time. Besides my witchy past, I decided to recreate a typical dark look inspired by the trailer or better said by the black-white combination in the trailers, leather, darkness, glitter and overall sexiness of witches. I hope I managed to portray that in the video.

American Horror Story Coven Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Here are the products that I used in my Sexy Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial inspired by American Horror Story Coven. If you want a Witch Costume then just wear any sexy black dress.

American Horror Story Coven Sexy Witch Makeup Products:




  • NYX Jumbo pencil – black bean, milk, rocky mountain green
  • Illamasqua medium pencil – sophia
  • Misslyn – lip gloss

Background Image In Video:
Konrad Summers – Patterson House
Patterson House - Ardenwood Historical Farm
Under CC 2.0

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