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Codage Paris serum N.03 review

In my December LookFantastic beauty box I got a sample of Codage Paris serum N.03 radiance and energy serum. I got a sample which is 12ml what is pretty good since the original bottle is 30ml which is almost half and the retail price $154,76 for 30ml. So let’s first talk about what this serum is intended to do.

Codage Serum N 03 Review

What is Codage Paris serum N.03

The Codage Paris serum N.03 radiance and energy serum, is intended to erase signs of fatigue and ageing. The serum is a synergy of hydrating, energizing and detoxifying ingredients with antioxidants and anti-ageing nutrients to prevent and repair any sign of first wrinkles. The formula is certified to be paraben-free, essential oil-free and phthalate-free and it’s not tested on animals. Based on this I was looking forward to it and want to use products which hydrate and energize my skin but which also fight first signs of aging since it’s time to start focusing on aging.

Codage Serum N 03 skin care

Codage serum N.03 for radiant skin

One morning I decided to only apply only this and see how it feels, looks and reacts on my skin. I have to admit I didn’t see any new magical improvement from using this a few times, but I did notice a few other things, actually not me but other people. I went on a coffee date and my friend stopped and looked at my skin and asked me what I did to my skin that it looked refreshed and radiant. I was quite happy about this, because in the morning hours I rarely apply makeup unless the job requires it. I also wanted to mention that the Codage Paris serum N.03 radiance and energy serum smells lovely and after it has been absorbed into the skin leaves a matte feeling and goes unnoticed. On their website you have instructions as how to apply the serum on your face, neck and décolleté. It’s also recommended that you apply a few drops for those areas. I needed only one pump for my entire face. The first time I used three pumps and that was way too much product.

Codage Paris serum N.03 review

To conclude this review of Codage Paris serum N.03 radiance and energy serum, I would like to say that for me personally this is a high end skin care brand which will offer noticeable radiance and hydration after first use. It also has some benefiting ingredient such as, Hy1 for moisturizing, Ao3 antioxidant, Ru3 to reduce fine lines, Dx3 to detoxify the skin and Ec3 for radiance. You can check out the other ingredients on their website here. Overall, I liked the serum and plan to use it only for morning skin care since it did make my skin look radiant and refreshed so I want to take advantage of that while I still have this product.

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