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Perfect makeup requires a good quality makeup set, experienced eye, imagination and a good set of make up brushes. If you have few brushes at home, but you do not know what they should be used for or you want to buy new makeup set and brushes, but you have no idea what to buy, just keep on reading. We hope that this text will be useful.

Foundation makeup brushes

Several different makeup brushes can be used to apply foundation. First, the foundation brush this brush has tightly packed bristles with a tapered tip (and of course a flat top brush be we will talk about that later) and is designed to achieve a smooth and flawless finish on the skin. In order to achieve even distribution of the foundation, it is better to dampen the brush to avoid streaks. Concealer and or camouflage brush are types of makeup brushes that are used to apply concealer under the eyes and to other areas where some imperfections should be camouflaged. This brush has soft bristles, wider base and pointed tip. Next, we have a duo fiber bush. This brush is made by combining goat and synthetic fibers (hence the name) and is used for blending and buffing colors. Its bristles are flat, circular and light to ensure perfect coverage of liquid, cream or powder. This makeup brush is used for applying cream blush on the cheekbones . It can be also used for application of shimmer powder or any liquid product. Bronzer and powder brush, these brushes are bigger than the previous ones. It is soft, full and rounded (similar to shaving brushes), and can be used to apply compact powder and bronzer. It’s important to remember to tapp off the excess bronzer or compact powder before applying it on the skin. Apply in circular motion to get a smooth and flawless application. Mineral powder brush, blusher brush, fan powder brush and the face contour brush are makeup brushes that can also be used to apply foundation or blush.

Eye shadow makeup brushes

Makeup brushes used for application of eye shadow differ from the previous ones. First, there is the classical eye shadow makeup brush; this type of brush is large, short, thick and flat in order to provide the best possible coverage. The bristles are soft and are positioned to form beveled edge in order to avoid smudging during the application of eye shadow. Also, there are angled eye shadow brushes, these types of makeup brushes have long, rounded, tapered bristles, and are used for precise application of eye shadow. Eye shadow is applied by gently windshield motion, back and forth, on the lid to create illusion of depth. Next, there is a blending eye shadow brush; this brush is used to blend different eye shadows, which are then applied to accent the brow bone. Fine point eyeliner brush, this makeup brush has a super fine and thin tip and it’s used for precise application of liquid, cream and/or gel eyeliner. Flat eyeliner brush is an angled brush, which is used in applying eyeliner deep into the lash line to obtain well-defined and contoured eye. Other makeup brushes that are used for application of eye shadows include smudge brush, slanted eyebrow definer brush, and spiral eyebrow brush (used for shaping of the eyebrows).

Cleaning makeup brushes

Remember, all makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly; otherwise, they could become a source of bacteria. Clean all the brushes that you use to apply foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick to avoid them becoming rigid and absorbing bacteria, which could be spread onto your face during the next application. Clean powder, bronzer or blusher makeup brushes at least once a week (depending on the frequency of usage). Many of the producers of makeup products also produce brush-cleaning products.

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