Eye See You Halloween Makeup look

this is my first Halloween Makeup Look for 2012. I wanted to create a look where it seems as if I have multiple eyes on my forhead. This Halloween Makeup look  is called “eye see you”. It was quit hard to do since I didn’t have the right brushes to complete this look and it was very hard to get the 3D effect on my forehead when I was looking into a mirror. I will still recreate this Halloween Makeup Look “eye see you” on someone else just to get the real 3D effect.

Halloween Makeup Look for 2013 “eyes”

Here are the makeup products that I used to complete this Halloween Makeup Look 2013 “eye see you”

  • Snazaroo face paint
  • Painting brushes
  • NYX thin white pencil

Your thoughts

Until September… enjoy and feel free to share this post. Do you like 3D face paint? Do you like face painting?