sin city comic book halloween makeup video tutorial

Today’s Halloween makeup video tutorial is Comic Book (Sin City) Makeup. I wanted to do, at least once a week, a more dramatic makeup look since I haven’t been doing them a lot. This new tutorial, Comic Book Sin City has an intro that is a “comic book” style to my Halloween makeup video tutorial. I wanted to give a whole feeling to the video so that you feel as if you were reading a comic book. I hope that you like this brand new look inspired by black and white comics. Now enjoy the Latest Comic Book Halloween makeup video tutorial.

Halloween Makeup Sin City Makeup

As Some of you might know, I have been focusing on Halloween makeup video tutorials for a while now. I personally enjoy doing more dramatic and creative video tutorials because they help and allow me to push my limits and creative skills. This latest creative Halloween makeup video tutorial was inspired after I started reading the walking dead comic book that I got hooked after the TV series. The makeup, is also very similar to the comic book Sin City, some of you know it as the movie. This video tutorial has both comic book features usable in Halloween makeup video tutorial.

Comic Book Halloween makeup Tutorial

This might be my ultimate favorite might thing to do on my channel, Comic Book Halloween makeup tutorial . I have done many simple makeup tutorial, what is great and I do not plan to stop doing them, but for now I plan to focus on Halloween make-up. In real life, I do bridal makeup the most, since it’s another of my personal favorite things to do whenever I can. This is just my second video that I will be releasing this month. In the future, I plan to release more video focuses on Halloween makeup so that my beauty guru youtube channel has loads of Halloween  costume & halloween makeup tutorials you can choose from when Halloween comes around. Each Week until Halloween I will be releasing new tutorials. If you have requests that you might want to see how to do for Halloween please feel free to leave a comment below with what you would like to see. I will consider it for my next upcoming Halloween makeup.

Sin City Halloween makeup video tutorial

This Sin City Halloween makeup video tutorial sin city or the walking dead makeup look, was honestly, super fun to do. It did take me a long time to do but in the end it was really worth it since I felt that I constantly had a shadow on the left side of my face. I hope that you enjoyed the intro that I tried to give a comic book feeling to it. I will list below what I used in the Sin City Halloween makeup video tutorial. If you have any questions concerning this tutorial, for example if I missed a step or you want to know any specific details, please leave a comment below in the comment section. I would also appreciate it if you could share the video and give it thumbs up. Until the next video make sure to stay wonderful and show some comment love on my inspired Halloween makeup video tutorial.


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sin city comic book halloween makeup video tutorial
sin city comic book halloween makeup tutorial