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Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette (Limited Edition) BUY NOW


Sigma Brushes is launching next week their new product the Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette. The new limited edition makeup palette includes eight eye shadows, two blushers, one highlighter, and two brushes. Everything in the NEW Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette was inspired by Paris; of course. It will have a beautiful mosaic like packing. The makeup palette, seems very travel friendly, meaning that you will be able to carry it with you. All the palette really is missing was a foundation to complete the whole face. The new Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette looks very promising.

Sigma Brushes Paris Palette

The new Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette, as stated above, includes 2 blushers. I know most people will be saying at this moment, only two blushers? How can this in any way compliment most skin tones? Two blushers are included in the Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette, were carefully developed, by beauty experts, to compliment all skin tones. Looking at the pictures below, one blusher seems like it’s for light – medium skin tones, while the second darker shade is for medium – darker skin tones. The blushers in the new Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette seem very promising.

Picture of NEW SNEAK PEAK Makeup Palette BELOW

Sigma Brushes Paris Palette + YT Gurus

The whole Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette was inspired by Paris and by the seven renowned beauty gurus from youtube Petrilude, DulceCandy, Xsparkage, TiffanyD, Fromheadtotow, macNC40 and xteeener or aka the Paris Project Team, took part in creating the  LE Makeup palette.  Each Beauty Gurus gave their own innovative insights into the Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette eye shadow color development. Each of the eye shadows were inspired by a landmark monument in Paris and a YT gurus. This is why this new palette is even more exciting. If you love these Youtube beauty gurus, you now can get a piece of their “own” Paris inspired makeup eye shadow. So if you love Paris, like I do, and if you like these YT gurus then this Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette is a must have.

Paris Sigma Brushes Limited Edition Makeup Palette

As stated earlier this new Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette is a limited edition palette. So, if you end up liking it, then stock up! When it sells out there is no coming back. The one thing that I like about this Makeup Palette is that it will include two brushes the E55 and F40 brush. The two make up brushes that you will definitely need with this set. I do not know what the retail price is or will be for this Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette. It’s even hard for me to guess the price since you are getting quit a big set of makeup products. Sigma has also announced that in the upcoming weeks you will get to know each beauty guru and you they will also explain how they got inspired to create their own unique eye shadows for this new Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette.

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Price for my readers, $49

Original palette price, $59
**Keep in mind, this is a Sigma Brushes Paris Makeup Palette is a LIMITED EDITION palette and quantities are limited.
Get your Paris Palette NOW,  limited number of palettes. 


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