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Should I Microwave My BeautyBlender To Kill Bacteria?

I ran in beauty GlamLifeGuru Tati and her really interesting How to clean a beautyblender and I was like, what did you just say? I should microwave my beauty blender sponge? Even the dupes? I know that the disposable sponges are disposable for a reason, but I always wondered how to keep the sponges bacteria free. I usually use a medical grade soap for the hands and body, which is used in hospitals and kills bacteria like mrsa, inactive HIV, HBV and HCV. I am a germaphobe, can you guess. Besides that I was wondering about other common bacterias and if this soap wouldn’t kill it.

So GlamLifeGuru Tati recommended that she does this with her normal kitchen sponges. She said that she microwaves her beautyblender for 30 seconds to kill all bacteria which her antibacterial soap doesn’t kill. Researching this I came across another beauty blogger nerdylibrariangirl that investigated this and did her homework. She found in the  Journal of Environmental Health 2006 study, “Microbial Inactivation by Microwave Radiation in the Home Environment” by Park, Bitton & Melker, that CONFIRMED this theory, that is killed a very large percentage of microbes (including coliform and E.coli) in 30 minutes on a normal kitchen sponge! Also another microbiology student has a teacher confirm that heat kills a lot of microbes that aren’t good for your skin! Makes me wonder what microbes were on my face.However bacteria such as Bacterial phage MS2 and Bacillius cereus did require a longer exposure to microwave rays in order to become inactive. 

In short it is safe to microwave your beautyblender for 30 second in order to kill a large number of micobacterias, but I do have to mention that the beautyblender does come with a warning that the beautyblender should not come in contact with extreme heat of any kind. Noting that I can confirm in my opinion 30 seconds in the microwave is not a long exposure to the beautyblender.

I also recommend reading my articles about how to use a beautyblender and a comparison post, comparing the original beautyblender vs dupe beautyblenders.

How to microwave your beauty blender?

  1. Wash your beauty blender, make it’s 100% soap free.
  2. Wet your beauty blender (dry ones can catch fire) (O_o).
  3. Place the beauty blender in a small microwave bowl and fill it with water.
  4. Turn on your microwave for 30 seconds.
  5. wait a bit after it’s done and then squeeze out the remaining water.


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