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Makeup Tricks For The Waterline

Today I wanted to focus on a few makeup tricks for the eyes. I wanted to show you how an experiment for the eyes waterline. This experiment will show you how different colors on the waterline can influence the over all look of the eye. I made a few pictures looks for these makeup tricks to show you how the end results look like. Specific colors can make the eyes seem bigger and more awake while other colors can make the eyes seemed more closed, smaller and a bit more dramatic or even sexier. I will be posting pictures and explanations to each eye pencil that I am applying to the waterline. These makeup tricks are useful for everyone.


Makeup tricks using white eyeliner

These few makeup tricks refer to using a white eyeliner on your waterline. If you have small eyes the last thing you want to use is a dark eyeliner on your waterline. You want to open your eyes and make them seem bigger and more awake. A white eyeliner is definitely known as one of the oldest makeup tricks around. It will make you eyes not only appear bigger then they are but it also makes your eyes seem wide, it depends on the eye color. As you can see in the two pictures above, picture one is showing my eyes with only fake lashes and mascara, while picture two is showing my eyes with a white eyeliner. You can see that the eyes seem bigger with this white eyeliner makeup tricks.

Makeup tricks using nude eyeliner

These next eyeliner makeup tricks are focused on using a nude eyeliner on the waterliner to change the appearance of the eyes. First of all it’s hard to a true nude eyeliner, trust me I am still on the look out for it. I once managed to find a nude eyeliner from the makeup brand Manhattan and after that I haven’t been able to find one at all. Now back to the nude eyeliner. The nude eyeliner is the perfect trick for tired eyes. This is usually one of the eyeliner makeup tricks that I use when I haven’t slept enough or when I have puffy eyes. The difference between a white and nude eyeliner is that a white eyeliner is a more aggressive way to get noticeable bigger eyes. A nude eyeliner has the same effect but is more subtle and undetectable. You can see the differences between the eyeliners, nude in picture 3. This is one of the perfect eyeliner makeup tricks for woman at work or at school.

Makeup tricks using black eyeliner

One of the last eyeliner makeup tricks is using a black eyeliner.  As mentioned above, some colors make the eyes seem bigger while other colors make the eyes seems smaller. Black eyeliners are commonly used when we do dark and Smokey eye makeup. The reason we use a black eyeliner is to give a more piercing look or better said sexier more seductive look. If you want to make your eyes stand out make sure to use these makeup tricks. If you have big eyes like I do, use a black eyeliner on my waterline to make my eyes seem smaller and not only for smokey eyes or for a sexier sultry look. If you have small eyes only use a black eyeliner when you are doing darker looks but if you have small eyes and are doing a more natural look then skip the black eyeliner and use a white or nude one. These are the makeup tricks use them well.


What’s your favorite waterline shade?


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