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Makeup Revolution Full Vamp lipstick collection swatches & review

A while back I saw and read about a brand called Makeup Revolution. This brand is supposedly claimed to be similar to MUA Academy. I do love my drugstore makeup brands for everyday wear. Drugstore makeup really is ideal for teens and young adults. I think that you do not need to buy all high end brands to be happy with your makeup collection, so this is why I always test and try makeup from new and much loved drugstore brands. I decided to place an order for a few products and plan to review a few of those products honestly. I really am looking forward to this brand and have high hopes about some of their products, specifically their eye shadows.

Makeup Revolution Full Vamp lipstick collection

The Makeup Revolution Full Vamp lipstick collection is ready for my makeup review and swatches. Why did I buy the entire collection? When you buy the entire collection, you get 2 for full price and one for free, so you get £3 worth of product for £2, good deal in my books. You get three dark shades; rebel with a cause, 100% vamp and black heart. The brand claims that they are creamy, long lasting lipsticks with high color payoff and the vamp collection follows the trends of purple and dark shades. You get two purple shades and one dark red shade. After testing the products for two weeks (if not three) here are my results.

Makeup Revolution Full Vamp Lipstick Collection!

Makeup Revolution Full Vamp lipstick collection

All of the lipsticks from the Makeup Revolution Full Vamp lipstick collection come in a simple nice packaging. I personally though that rebel with a cause was a bit darker than what it looked like on the online swatches. It’s a mix of brown red shades and it’s the idea color for fall and winter. 100% Vamp is a beautiful true dark purple shade which has minimum visible red undertone. Last, Black heart is a very dark purple shade which is a bit darker than 100% Vamp and looks more black than purple on the lips. On the swatches, 100% Vamp and Black heart look very similar and they are, but black heart has more black pigment than 100% vamp. The lipsticks are sheerer and require at least 2 layers to get that true opaque look on the lips. If you apply to many layers than it can look patchy. If you have chapped lips, it will look patchy and the pigmentation will not distribute evenly.

Makeup Revolution Vamp lipstick collection swatches & makeup review

To complete this makeup review and swatches of The Makeup Revolution Full Vamp lipstick collection, I can say that the longevity of the lipstick is not as long as I am used to with more professional brands. I would say the stay power is the standard drugstore time lap what is around 2 – 3 hours without eating.. Over all for only £2, you get 3 lipsticks this is a very good deal! I just wish that they made a true dark lip collection which also included shades serpent, make me tonight, and make it right, fusion, reckless and passion. Overall, I am happy with the price and I expected the quality to be in these limitations.


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