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Makeup Book Guide: Top Must Have Makeup Books

Top Best Makeup Books Must Read Must Have

Makeup Book Guide: TOP Must Have Books

Before I became a professional makeup artist, I loved reading makeup books and I can say that I have already read a fair share of makeup books. Today there are so many makeup books out there that one might not know which book to get to first. So, whether you are buying a book for yourself or for a present. I wanted to write up a short post and recommend a few books that I personally found to be great help and approved by me as a professional makeup artist. I can say that even though I am a MUA today I still love buying makeup books since they are very inspiring, especially if my favorite artist publish a book. They are the most inspiring then!

1. Bobbi Brown – Makeup Manual

Some self-proclaimed makeup artists started their whole career based on this makeup manual. I have recognised in their work that they used this book since they follow the instructions to the T. This books starts off with basic information on brushes and types of makeup products and then shows you how to achieve everyday makeup looks and glamorous evening makeup looks. This would be the perfect book for any makeup lover with basic makeup knowledge and for all aspiring makeup artists.

2. Kevyn Aucoin – Face Forward & Making Faces

I think that every makeup lover and aspiring makeup artist knows about these books, if you don’t sorry but have you been living under a rock? These books basically were the first “makeup bibles” in the industry that showed the common woman (and man) how to do her makeup without looking like a panda bear. These books are a must read (or have). He explains in detail how to contour (even the famous Kim Kardashian contouring method which her makeup artist uses today), how to highlight, how to change the shape of your face. Sadly we lost this makeup genius in 2002 but his legacy and impact on the makeup industry has forever changed the makeup industry as we know it today. I do recommend this book for true makeup beginners since it provides excellent step-by-step tutorials and guides how to achieve various looks. I personally have making faces and have an online version of Face Forward but plan to now but the printed version to complete my very large book collection.

3. Rae Morris Makeup – Express Makeup / The Ultimate Guide

If you are an aspiring makeup artist that has an interest in the more creative side of makeup, than I highly recommend Express Makeup by Rae Morris. I find that Rae Morris is one of our most influential and most talented international makeup artists today and when you flip through the book you will understand why. I got this book as a gift and it was probably one of my most loved gifts in a very long time. Makeup ultimate guide is another excellent book with high quality photography with a very unique style of writing. The book features very useful and unique details, which are very effective. If you are an aspiring makeup artist you should have these two books in your collection. There is even a chapter on makeup for women 40+ and many other very useful tips. Best thing is that there is a color guide for different eye colours.

4. Jana Waru Ririnui – Makeup is Art

If you are an aspiring creative and fantasy makeup artist then you have to get this book. This book will blow your mind, not only with the HQ pictures but also with the amazing makeup looks and photography. This book will even help all makeup artists think outside the box and help your creative juices flow. I saw this book in the shop and flipped through it and saw that it deserved to be along side with my other makeup books. Finally a creative makeup book that many professional makeup artists will love.

5. Robert Jones – Make-up Makeovers

Besides Rae Morris, Robert Jones is one of my favorite international makeup artists out there today. The natural makeup looks that he creates are amazing, stunning and breathtaking. After reading a few of his books I booked a class in one of his many makeup workshops to put all the missing pieces in place. This is definitely one of the better makeup books out there today. He features women of all ages and races and the book is very up to date. If you like Bobbi Brown’s approach to enhancing someone’s natural beauty then you will love this Robert Jones’ book. The next Robert Jones makeup book that I am getting is Looking Younger: makeovers that make you look as you feel.

6. Jemma Kidd – Make-up Secrets: Solution to every woman’s beauty issues and make-up dilemma’s

Yet another really good makeup look which I plan to buy so that I have a hard copy of it. The book is divided into two sections; one making makeup work for you – which tells you what looks good on your face shape, eye shape…etc and recreating icons makeup looks. While section two, focuses on problem solving, skincare tips and tricks and looking younger. There are also a few five-minute makeup tutorial and advice. This is a wonderful book for beginner makeup lovers that want to learn how to do their own makeup.

7. Bobbi Brown – Beauty Rules

This book focuses particularly on young teens and adults that are novice in makeup. Bobbi Brown is all about natural makeup and she understands that something as simple as a blush or lipstick or lip balm can give a woman a much needed confidence boost. Bobbi Brown speaks how it’s important to not only take care of your skin from the surface, but that it’s also important as to what you eat. This book is not only about makeup; it’s also about falling in love with yourself and finding confidence.

8. Francois Nars – Makeup Your Mind Express Yourself

This book features how to recreate 12 look on men and women.  The book is broken down into three sections: Play, Perfect and Polish. The book addresses, through these three sections, your everyday makeup needs. The book offers tips and general advice, before and after pictures and what makeup was used (what is not common in most makeup books). Nars recommends not only products but also what kind of color to use if you don’t have that product. This is an excellent book for aspiring makeup artist and for makeup novices. Nars keeps it practical and simple and the book is filled with his ideas and inspirations.

Makeup Books Gift Guide

So these are a few makeup books that I recommend in my makeup books gift guide. There are many books out there but these are the ones that I enjoyed the most. I am sad that I still haven’t been able to find a good book on Asian brides since I am very interested in that very unique makeup style and hope that one day I will find a book that will cover this topic.

If you know of a book or magazine that features many Asian brides makeup looks please leave a comment below, I would love to know!

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