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Kristin Chenoweth’s lash extensions disaster!

Kristin Chenoweth was a guest on the “Late Show” with David Letterman. She started the show wearing shades what seemed to be odd but David asked her why was she wearing shades? Was she on the run. Sadly she started to explain that she has an allergic reaction to the lash extensions which she got. Kristin Chenoweth wanted to get lash extensions to get those open and big eyes, as we all do, but instead of putting on fake lashes day after day after day,she got extensions. She continued to explain that she asked the woman, that was going to place the lash extensions on her eyes, if she has anything to worry about, the woman told Kristin Chenoweth that the lash extensions would cause her no problems in anyway.

Kristin Chenoweth Lash Extension

Kristin Chenoweth lash extension disaster

Kristin Chenoweth got her lash extensions done but to her surprise they were  made from real eyelash hair which were harvested from cadavers aka Corpse! OMG! SERIOUSLY!? The glue which was used to attach the lash extensions to her eyelids contained formaldehyde as Kristin Chenoweth called it “dead people’s juice”. Due to lash extensions and formaldehyde her eyes swell up. She ran to the doctor and found out that the formaldehyde could have cause more serious problems for her since she is allergic to formaldehyde. In short I was quit amazed how she interpreted the story in a very funny way. What the full clip and interview withKristin Chenoweth lash concerning the lash extension disaster. 

I just wanted to mention something here that besides this Kristin Chenoweth lash extension disaster. I ALWAYS stray away from anything that claims magic around my lashes and eyes.. You only got one pair.. BE VERY CAREFUL what you put near them!

Have you ever had any reaction to eyelash extensions? Will you think twice before you get lash extensions?



Kristin Chenoweth normal eyes


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