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How To Contour All Face Shapes

How To Contour All Face Shapes video is intended for everyone. This is a very educational video intended for everyone. In the video, I demonstrate what you have to do to contour your face to get a more oval face shape which is considered to be the “perfect face shape” for women. This face shape is considered to have soft lines and will enhance feminine facial features. No matter what face shape you are, this video will come in handy. If you are a self taught makeup artist then this video will also come in handy to learn more about contouring different face shapes.

 How to contour all face shape

In the video how to contour all face shapes, I especially focus on square faces, since it’s my face shape, and explain why it’s important to not only contour this face shape but also to highlight. I also show where and what highlighting this does for the square face. Most faces don’t have to stress highlighting but square faces really benefit from it. So I hope you enjoy this video and sit back and enjoy, how to contour heart face, how to contour oval face, how to contour round face, how to contour long face.  


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