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Effie Trinket Butterfly Makeup & Costume The Hunger Games Catching Fire Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013

The Hunger Games Catching Fire is one month away and I decided to do Effie Trinket Butterfly makeup and costume for my Halloween makeup tutorial 2013 series. The makeup look was very easy to recreate and the butterfly costume was also quite easy to recreate. Here is how I recreated the butterfly costume. I printed out on normal paper one set of large and one set of extra small butterfly. To create the “turtleneck” effect of butterflies, simply tape them together and the extra small butterflies can be attached to your body with eyelash adhesive. It’s that simple, now for the Effie Trinket Butterfly makeup details.

Effie Trinket Butterfly Makeup & Costume

Effie Trinket Butterfly Halloween makeup 2013 is pretty simple. This entire look can be done in a few minutes. It’s probably the best and easiest last minute Halloween makeup tutorial that I have done in years. The reason is because you really do not need to many products and in only an hour or three you can get this budget friendly Halloween makeup and costume look of a very popular Halloween character. Now to avoid delaying with the tutorial I will, as always, be listing the products, which I used in the list below. Feel free to use any similar products that you have in order to get this Halloween makeup look 2013.

Effie Trinket Butterfly Makeup The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Effie Trinket Butterfly Makeup Costume the hunger games catching fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Costume Effie Trinket Butterfly Costume

In Order to make the Effie Trinket The Hunger Games Catching Fire Butterfly Costume, will need the following things:

  • Vector or image of a butterfly
  • mini black hat
  • tape / glue
  • Orange dress
DIY Effie Trinket Butterfly Dress & Hat


  1.  STEP 1: Print out around 2 – 4 medium size butterflies for you mini hat (depending on the size), 15 or more large butterflies (half a A4 paper) for your neck and below bust area if desired and around 5 – 8 tiny butterflies for your shoulders and arms.
  2. STEP 2: After you cut out all the butterflies then tap 2 – 4 butterflies on your hat (depends on how many fit on the hat)
  3. STEP 3: After you cut out all the butterflies then tape one next to each other and a few overlapping until you get a turtleneck of butterflies and then expand it over your bust area and anywhere else. When you are done you can tape it on to your dress or pin it with a pin.
  4. STEP 4: After you cut out the tiny butterflies, take your lash adhesive and glue them on to your shoulders and arms


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